Craftopia How To Build Generator, Produce Battery & Capture Animals


Craftopia is an open world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. The game is a mixture of hack n slash, surviving, crafting, factory management, and hunting. With a mixture of all such genres the game has a lot of potentials but currently is a work in progress and player can try out the early access on steam.

There are numerous things for you to craft and explore in this game. Below you will find how to build a generator, capture animals, and produce batteries.

Craftopia How To Build Generator

To build a generator, you need to first upgrade your civilization from the Altar of Civilization. You need to reach the Renaissance age. It is the third upgrade of your civilization and after upgrading you need to visit your work stone workbench.

There in the power tool section, you will find the generator. To build a generator you will need resources like Steel Ingot, Cogwheel, and log. Once you have crafted the generator, open your inventory tab, and equip it by right-clicking on it. Then place the generator on the ground. To make the generator work, you need to capture an animal and place them on the spinning wheel.

Craftopia How To Capture/ Tame Animals & Make Them Work

To capture an animal in this game you need to first craft Monster Prism from the stone workbench. To craft a Monster Prism, you need Iron Ingot and sand. Once you have crafted the prism, equip it by right-clicking on it from your inventory.

You need to hit and decrease the hp of the animal to guarantee the capture. Once the hp is low, throw the monster prism and the animal will be capture. Then go to the generator spinning wheel and release the animal on it to make the generator start working.

Craftopia How To Get Battery

Once you have completed the building a generator and successfully capture an animal. Release the animal on the generator wheel to make it spin and generate battery. Once the generator starts running, you can visit it once in a while and collect the battery produced by it.

After working a while in the generator the animal will be exhausted and will die eventually producing some chicken. You need to keep capturing animals and release them on the generator to keep on producing the battery.

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