Wasteland 3- IRV Clone Mission And How To Create A Clone Guide

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, once you accept the mission “Don’t You Be My Neighbor” will let you visit Sans Luxe Apartment and enter it after talking to Rosie Wong in Intercom. She will mention that in the third Apartment where currently Irv is residing in have company. Your mission would be to check the apartment and learn what he is hiding in there. In this guide, we have explained how to complete the mission and learn to create a Clone for combat.

IRV Clone Mission And How To Create A Clone Guide For Wasteland 3

First, as mentioned, enter the Sans Luxe Apartment to have a conversation and learn details about the current mission. After the conversation, you will need to enter Apartment No. 3 where IRV was supposed to live alone. Before forcing your way in, you can Picklock Apartment 6 to collect the Mysterious Case from Satoshi.

You can either Picklock Apartment No. 3 or break the door by attacking it. Once you enter the Apartment, the battle will be initiated against Irv Clones. After defeating them and collecting all the evidence of what he was up to, you can explain everything to Rosie Wong.

Meet Irv outside near the Bookseller where he is asking books about Cloning. He will reveal everything about the foolish Clones and about himself. You should recruit him in your Rangers HQ to let him create a Clone of your teammate which you can control. Return back to Rosie Wong and the mission will end which will result in your Fame Increased.

How To Create A Clone

Go inside the HQ and you will find Irv inside one of the rooms with Doc Parker. Ask him to create a Clone of the stats you want to but it will be inferior from the original character. You can use him as a tank and a dummy to tank hits and take aggro. Once the clones die, you will need to collect the materials he drops in order to create another.

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