Spellbreak Basic & Advance Tips & Tricks For Each Gauntlet Skills


SpellBreak is a multiplayer battle-royal game developed by Proletariat, Inc. There are multiple approaches and different kinds of playstyle to play this game. Use the combination of all 6 different types of the gauntlet to master the game and select the class best suited to your gameplay. Below you will find some basic, advanced tips and tricks for normal gameplay and for each type of gauntlet.

Spellbreak Tips & Tricks

Basic Gameplay Tips
  • Select a landing zone where there might be less enemy nearby, while landing look at the instruction at the left side of the screen to land in a safe zone.
  • Do not engage in a fight at the starting of the game, try to find better gauntlets or the specific gauntlet combo that suits your gameplay.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment which includes a belt, shoes, and amulet. The belt will grant you armor and you cannot use an armor pack without a belt. Shoes increase your movement speed and amulet increases your mana pool.
  • Choose your class wisely as some for some gauntlet you need to aim and other deals area damage. Select a gauntlet according to your game style.
Advance Gameplay Tips
  • Always try to find and open the mana vault. Mana vault always gives out legendary loot in the game. You can locate the mana vault by finding the glowing sphere on the map.
  • Go inside the safe zone as soon as it shows on the map to gain an extra level on your class passive ability and then try to kill those who haven’t entered the safe zone yet.
  • Always keeps a stock of health and armor pack at the starting of the game, you will require a lot of it during the end game when it will be harder to find those.
  • Find 3 legendary scrolls for each talent which are body, mind, and spirit.
  • Try to take positions in high ground to easily locate other players, being in high ground and air make it difficult for other players to connect their skills.
SpellBreak Fire Gauntlet Tips & Tricks
  • Normal fire attacks will leave a burning effect only on the ground and floors. It won’t work on walls.
  • You can see the movement pattern of the opponent and try to aim your attack a bit ahead of his path.
  • Use the firewall ability cautiously as it doesn’t deal a lot of damage if the enemy just passes through it. Try to use a wall to stop the enemy from running away or you can also use it for your own defense.
  • Once you enter the second safe zone, your level 2 passive class skill will unlock and you won’t take any damage from your own firewall. Rather after entering the firewall, you gain a flying buff for 2 seconds which can be used for chasing or running away.
SpellBreak Ice Gauntlet Tips & Tricks
  • Ice Trails are a great way to reach a point faster, chase down enemy, and running away from them. But make sure while running away, the enemy can also use your ice trails to chase you. To disrupt the Ice trail with the other gauntlet power to stop enemies following you and also damage them.
  • The second passive that allows you to hover in the air for 5s while aiming with your bow can also be used to dodge an enemy attack. And can also be a good counter for enemies that are using stone gauntlet.
  • The sorcery ability of the ice gauntlet doesn’t deal damage to enemies and only freezes them. It has a long cooldown so make to use it when you have a sure shot to freeze the enemy. If the enemy leaves the radius of this ability they won’t freeze.
  • If you use the sorcery ability (Flash Freeze) in the air or above the enemy, they won’t take damage or freeze. The need to be inside the flash freeze and at the same ground level.
SpellBreak Toxic Gauntlet Tips & Tricks
  • Make sure to not step onto your toxic puddle or inside the toxic cloud at the starting of the game to not take self-damage.
  • Keep a check on enemy movement and use your normal attack to create a puddle of toxic to deal heavy damage to enemies. Toxic gauntlet normal hit, the toxic spray has a big radius and the puddle slows and deals damage over time to enemies.
  • The level 2 passive skill of toxic gauntlet allows you to become immune to your toxic clouds and become invisible for 3 seconds. This skill can be used to block enemy sight and hide to refill your health and armor.
  • The level 2 passive skill works best with level 3 skills as when you are invisible, your next normal hit will deal an additional 75% damage. You can use this with the invisibility rune and use it with a toxic cloud to keep going invisible and deal maximum damage.
SpellBreak Wind Gauntlet Tips & Tricks
  • Wind gauntlet true powers activate once the passive reaches level 3 that deals an additional 20% spell damage to enemies and gives you damage reduction of 10% if you are in the air.
  • You can hit the normal ability on the ground near your leg then quickly press the jump button once to do a wind jump. Use this skill with level 3 passive to maximize your damage to enemies.
  • The tornado can be combined with other gauntlet attacks to dead heavy damage as tornado pulls enemies inside and you can use toxic, fire, and lightning with it.
  • Wind gauntlet normal attacks wind shear can be used as a counter to other gauntlet skills such as it extinguishes fire, can push back boulder fall ability of the stone gauntlet by hitting it with normal wind attack.
  • If you use a tornado in front of you and the enemy hits you with a normal ice attack, the tornado will change the trajectory of the arrow and enemy ice attacks will miss.
SpellBreak Stone Gauntlet Tips & Tricks
  • Normal shockwave hit can travel from some high ground to low ground but won’t travel from low to high ground.
  • The normal shockwave attack has a long-range and the damage doesn’t depend on distance. But the damage of boulder fall depends on the distance between you and the enemy.
  • Stone seems to work best with fire gauntlet as your can combine shockwave that shatters grounds and fire explodes from it. Else you can also throw firey boulderfall (meteor).
  • If you have 0 armor, keep hitting normal shockwave attack randomly to gain an extra +20 armor.
  • In passive level 3 of the boulder size increases as it travels which can be used to hit enemies that are in distance and you also get +1 charge of boulderfall in passive level 4.
SpellBreak Lightning Gauntlet Tips & Tricks
  • Do not tap the attack button while hitting the normal attack. Keep holding the attack button and aim the opponent to deal maximum damage due to level 1 passive skill that increases +1 damage overtime till 5 stack
  • The level 2 passive is really great if you have a better rune. After casting the lightning bolt ability, you get a +1 rune charge which means you can teleport two times, fly two times or use any rune twice.
  • The passive skills of this gauntlet are really good if you learn to use it properly. On level 3 passive skill, you can save a lot of mana by first using the lightning bolt ability and for 4 seconds you won’t lose any mana while using normal lightning attack for 4 seconds.

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