Drake Hollow How To Build Village, Get Drakes And Collect Charms

Drake HollowDrake Hollow is a survival multiplayer adventure game developed by The Molasses Flood. In this game, you need to upgrade your camp, find cute drakes (vegetable folks), nourish them by providing shelter and food. You can play multiplayer up to 4 players together and help each in defending the drakes from deadly ferals.

Drake Hollow Collect Charms

Charms are also resources in this game which are used in building and upgrading your camp. You can get these charms by interacting with the drakes. If you keep your drakes happy by building them a bed, entertain them, and provide them food. They will provide your charms and gift occasionally when you interact with them in your camp.

Drake Hollow How To Build Village

After visiting the lighthouse and defending your crystal from the enemies. You will get a quest to build a village which means you need to open your build menu and build Bed, Yoga Ball, and Cleansing Well.

At first, you won’t see these items in your build menu because your base camp will be at level 1. To upgrade your camp, you need to find new drakes and grow them by giving them crystals.

Resources required to complete this quest are:

  • Bed – Lumber 4x, Fabric 4x, Charms 20.
  • Yoga Ball – Stone 2x, Fabric 5x, Charms 20.
  • Cleansing Well – Lumber 2x, Stone 5x, Charms 20.

You can easily get these resources in the map while finding new drakes. Make sure to break all the treasure boxes and cut trees occasionally.

Drake Hollow Find New Drakes

After visiting the top of the lighthouse, you will have to open your map. There you can find a yellow circle marked in different islands. Visit these yellow markers and you will find a green leaf coming out of the ground. Go near the leaf, keep holding the X button and you will find a new drake.

Finding new drakes will increase your camp level, they also give you some passive ability. Each drake provides different kinds of passive bonuses. And for each drake, you need to build a bed to sleep.

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