Wasteland 3- Unwelcome Guests Choice Result Guide And Walkthrough

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, travel to Broadmoor Heights and enter the Broadmoor as heard on the radio. Gideon Reyes wanted to meet you at the Church in Broadmoor Heights. Just stick on the right side of the road where the first building you enter will be the church. The guy standing near the bookshelf was the one who contacted you. In this guide we have mentioned all the endings you can expect.

Unwelcome Guests Choice Result Guide And Walkthrough In Wasteland 3

Inside the church, you can talk to all the NPC to gather more mission but the Unwelcome Guests can be advanced after talking with Gideon Reyes. Mark your way in the World Map to travel Bizarre with the help of Kodiak.

Once you make your way past bridge and Clown Museum to reach the Bizarre, enter and have a conversation with Ananda Rabindranath. The Knock Knock mission will be added which needs to be completed in order to enter the Bizarre.

Note: Anand Rabindranath can be recruited as a tailor.

Defeat the smugglers holding the refugee who can be found after crossing the bridge. After rescuing the refugee, you will need to enter the Bizarre. Reach the trailer and have a conversation where you will either end up with -500 dollars after purchasing the Bizarre Entrance Pass.

If you choose not to pay and have an established Bizarre merchant vouch for you, go to meet Paris Handler in the Hoperful’s Camp. She will request you to make Blood Red Dye. The recipe can be found after defeating the clown gang.

The formula for Blood Red Dye recipe is:

  • Carbon C-18
  • Hydrogen H-14
  • Nitrogen N-2
  • Oxygen O-8
  • Sodium Na-2
  • Sulphur S-2

Once you enter the Bizarre, have a conversation with Paraeidolia Jones near the bar. Either offering him 300 dollars or having Kick Ass 7, or Barter 6 will allow him to smuggle the refugees. Now go back to the Colorado Springs and have a conversation with Mama Cotter near a campfire.

Choice Results

There are three choices to say but one will be nullified. The first is to arrest Mama Cotter, you will lose 15 Refugee Reputation but gain reward from the completion of the mission.

The second will be to ban smuggling which will be nullified. The final choice would be to look another way and she keeps helping the refugees. You will gain Wastelanders Refugee Reputation by 15 and gain Garage Staffs but lose Hundred Families Reputation by 15 and further 15 more after talking to the Reyes.

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