Wasteland 3- Mysterious Case And What You Need To Do?

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, a Secondary Mission called “Don’t You Be My Neighbor” will allow you to enter the Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs. There you will meet Satoshi inside an apartment which you must remember as he wore a distinct white robe. To enter his room, you need to Lockpick and after talking to him he had offered you a Mysterious Case. In this guide, we have mentioned what you must expect from this Mysterious Case when you perform specific actions.

Mysterious Case And What You Need To Do In Wasteland 3

You need to enter the apartment and have a conversation with Satoshi. He will offer you a Mysterious Case which you need to accept and keep it in your Inventory. There are two options where you can open it or keep it till the end of the game where you meet him again and offer him his suitcase.

If you choose to open now or at any instance in the game, you will receive some scraps which is not worth missing what you can get later. Before the endgame, you will find Satoshi at Yuma County Speedway accompanied by Robots in the middle of the road. He will ask you whether you have his suitcase or not. If you offer him his suitcase back, he will give you a Nuclear Armor Chest.

Satoshi provides you with one of the best-armored value set i.e. 15 on Head, 35 on Chest, 15 on Pants. Apart from all the extra bonus stats, this is one of the high valued armor set which is available after saving up the Mysterious Case till the end. Though to wear such high valued armor, you will require Strength 8.

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