SpellBreak solo mode, mastery skill, talent, best rune & equipment guide


SpellBreak is a multiplayer battle-royal game developed by Proletariat, Inc. There are a lot of things that you need to know about the game to get a better grip on it. Some of the things I have already mentioned in my previous post that is gauntlet combos, best combo, and best class. You can check that out HERE.

Below you will find what does talents & mastery level means the best rune in the game and gear guides.

SpellBreak Solo Locked

The game released for free on all platforms recently and all the players could see the solo and duo mode-locked. Only the squad mode feature is active which players can play at the moment.

Just like most of the battle royal, this game will also release the solo and duo features in the upcoming updates. Players just have to wait for this mode or you can keep an eye on the official twitter account HERE to know when solo and duo mode is coming. Even Apex legends, Call of Duty Warzone and many more battle royal had only squad mode at the launch of the game.

SpellBreak Talents & Mastery Level


Talents are basically passive skills for your character that you can select before entering a game. There is a total of 3 talents that you can set before a match which are of the mind, body, and spirit. You can change these talents by clicking on them while choosing a class for your character before a match.

To unlock these talents, you need to reach a specific rank for each mage class. If you click on the edit talent option, besides the locked talents, you can see the small mark which shows the class you need to play to unlock that talent. Some talent cost 1 talent points, other 2 and some 3. You can keep a total of 6 talent points together. So if you use a talent that cost 3 talent point, then the other two talent should cost 1 and 2 respectively.

You can unlock the mastery level of each mage class by simply choosing it at the starting of the match. After each match, you get some experience for that class and increase its level. At the top of the page, you can find the mastery tab and check all the rewards you will get upon reaching specific ranks on a particular class. You can reach up to level 20 which will grant you a legendary emote for the specific class.

SpellBreak Best Rune

There is a total of 7 runes available in this game out of which you can equip one during the game. You can keep changing the rune on the battlefield according to your play and item rarity. These runes are:

Teleportation Rune – Teleports a player to a certain distance.

Wolf’s Blood Rune – Shows nearby enemies hiding behind walls.

Flight Rune – Helps you fly for a certain time.

Springstep Rune – Leaps up the air and jumps down to the ground.

Featherfall Rune – Dash up in the air and floats down to the ground.

Dash Rune – Dashes forward a small distance.

Invisibility Rune – Makes the player invisible for a certain time.

The worst rune for us is the dash rune, as it only dashes to a small distance. An enemy with flight rune can easily chase you. The best rune according to us is Flight Rune, by using which you can fly for a certain time and if you collide with any building while flight mode, it will get canceled.

Flight Rune is best for escaping a fight or chasing down an enemy. It can also be used to get inside the safe zone quickly as the circle approaches. Some other good runes are Teleportation Rune, which has a very long range. Featherfall Rune, if you are using a wind gauntlet because you can float and attack the enemies, and in the air, your spell damage does 20% extra and you get a 20% damage reduction.

Note: There are 5 rarities of these runes which are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the tier of the rune, the lower the cooldown. So make sure you always equip the better rarity rune during the match.

SpellBreak Equipment Guide

There are 3 types of equipment are there which are:

  • Shoes – Increase the player movement speed.
  • Belt – Provide armor to the player that you can check at the bottom left side of the screen. The blue bar will be your armor bar which can be refilled using armor packs that you can collect during the game.
  • Amulet – Increases mana bar, you can use more spells and normal attacks

There are 5 rarities of these gears which are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the rarity the more stats it provides to the player. So make sure to always look out for better gear during the game.

Gear Stats According To Rarity

Common – Shoes +1 – Belt +20 – Amulet +10

Uncommon – Shoes +2 – Belt +40 – Amulet +20

Rare – Shoes +3 – Belt +60 – Amulet +30

Epic – Shoes +4 – Belt +80 – Amulet +40

Legendary – Shoes +5 – Belt +100 – Amulet +50

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