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SpellBreak is a multiplayer battle-royal game developed by Proletariat, Inc. This game is first of its kind as compared to another battle royal that uses guns, Spellbreak game completely focuses on magic abilities and equipment to survive in the battle. Below you will find the list of all mage classes, their skills, all combos, and the best class.

SpellBreak Advance Stats Guide On Gauntlet Normal attacks, Ability & Combo spells.

SpellBreak All Class

There is a total of 6 classes in this game from which you can choose one at the starting of the game. These 6 classes are:

Conduit – Lighting Class (Deals extra damage in normal lightning bolt upon hitting enemies continuously).

Frostborn – Ice Class (Normal attack leaves Ice trails, 150% faster acceleration on ice).

Pyromancer – Fire Class (On Direct hit will burn the target for 2 seconds, fireball explosion radius is 200%).

Stoneshaper – Earth Class (Increases armor by +20, while casting shockwave if your armor is less than 20, you will get +5 armor)

Tempest – Air Class ( Normal attack upon hitting near your player will knock you back in the air, Can be used to deflect some of the enemy attacks)

Toxicologist – Poison Class (Normal attacks create a puddle of poison)

Note: These bonuses will only be activated once you choose the class at the starting of the game. The bonus doesn’t work on second gauntlets that are picked during the gameplay.

Spell Break Class Skills

Each class has 4 different skills that unlock during the game as the circle keeps getting smaller. Once you reach the safe zone of each circle level, your skill level will be upgraded. The list of skill levels for each class are:









SpellBreak All Gauntlet Combo

Fire + Stone


Fire Gauntlet light attack + Stone light attack will shatter the ground with fire coming out of it. If you use the stone heavy attack through the fire. It will launch the rock boulder with fire all around it like a meteor.


Fire + Ice

Fire and ice are bad combos and we recommend not using it.

Fire + Poison


The fire gauntlet normal ability leaves a burning effect on the ground for a few second and upon using the poison gauntlet normal attack turn the fire green with poison damage.

Using the heavy attack ability of fire will create a wall and using the normal ability of poison will turn the wall green with poison effect

Using the heavy attack of poison ability will leave a toxic cloud in the area and when you use fire ability on that, it will create a small tornado and deal area damage by bursting.


Fire + Lighting

Not much effect.

Fire + Wind


Wind gauntlet normal attack is bad for fire ability as it removes the fire effects.

Just the wind tornado with fire ability will create a fire tornado storm and deal damage.

Stone + Ice


Creates a frost path that slows down players.

Ice + Poison


You can freeze enemy poison cloud by using ice which will blast after a few seconds leaving a blue smoke which deals damage and has a freezing effect.

You can also make puddles of ice and poison that will deal aftereffect damage with a slowing effect.


Ice + Lighting


Give the ice lance ability a lighting effect and the enemy going over it will be shocked.

Ice + Wind


Turn the ice lance ability into a trail of cold blue smoke and enemy passing through that smoke will be slowed and staying inside the smoke for a longer time will freeze them for 1 second.

Poison + Wind

SpellbreakNormal attacks of poison gauntlet will leave a poison puddle and hitting them with normal wind attacks will make green smoke which will slow the enemy a bit and deal damage.

You can also create a poison tornado by using the tornado ability of wind and hitting it with a poison attack.

If you throw a normal wind attack through the toxic cloud of poison, the normal attack will be infused with poison and deal additional damage to enemies.


Wind + Lightning

Lightning gives tornado ability of wind gauntlet a shockwave effect and the enemy getting hit by it will take damage and will be shocked. While an enemy is shocked it can’t use fly or his ability.

Poison + Lightning

Gives a lighting effect to the poison and toxic cloud, the enemy getting hit by both will take damage over time and will be shocked.

Stone + Poison

No Effect

Stone + Lighting

No Effect

Stone + Wind

No Effect, but you can push the rock boulder of the stone gauntlet with a normal attack of wind only if wind class is your primary class.

SpellBreak Best Class

There are no best classes in this game and it all depends on the player game style. Each class has its own passive skills such as ice-class will leave ice trails upon normal attacks. The poison class will leave puddles. You need to choose the best combo that is suited to your playstyle and according to that choose the class at the starting of the game. Ice class is also one of the highest normal hit damage dealing class which deals around 60-75 damage on a single full charge normal hit.

Below you will find some of the good combos that you can use in-game and for that, you need to either select the wind or fire class. At the top, you will find the passive skills of all the classes. The skills level will increase till 4 as you keep surviving in the game and getting inside each circle as it shrinks down.

SpellBreak Best Combo

Players can use the combo abilities of the different gauntlet to deal maximum damage to enemies.

For us, the best combo to use in the game is Wind + Poison. The tornado of the wind gauntlet pulls the enemies closer while the toxic cloud deals a lot of damage with damage per second. Combining both the skills of wind + poison players can deal with quick heavy damage to enemies.

While the wind gauntlet normal abilities can also be used to deflect some of the enemy abilities such as the rock boulder from the stone gauntlet can be deflected, the firewall can be extinguished, and much more. You will gradually understand the combo of all the skills by practicing and trying out different combos. Some other good combos are fire + stone gauntlet. These are some of my personal recommendations, players are free to try out different gauntlet and use the best gauntlet according to their game style. If you have any other tips do mention in the comments.

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