Wasteland 3- Brygo Choices Result And Big Trouble In Little Vegas Guide

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, the mission “Big Trouble In Little Vegas” allows you to meet Faran Brygo who existed as a Crime Lord from the first part. He is a witty boss who has survived and lived in comfort even during the post-apocalyptic war. The mission let you approach the Brygo situation to be handled differently. In this guide, we have mentioned all the choices and corresponding results for this specific mission.

Brygo Choices Result And Big Trouble In Little Vegas Guide For Wasteland 3

After collecting the mission from Sheriff Daisy, you will need to learn about the whereabouts of Marshall Delagado in Little Vegas nightclub.

Private Party

You will meet an addict named Shakes will give you a job to find his drugs upstairs in the private party. You can battle against him or prevent battle by selecting Kick Ass 3 and Hard Ass 4. Hard Ass 4 will reveal to you the location of Delgado.


You can have a conversation with Ken Doll and proceed to the Brothel where Ten of Hearts, Jack Of Hearts, Queen Of Hearts, King Of Hearts, Ace Of Hearts, and Joker will be available. Speaking of Ken Doll, she knows the location of Delgado and can be traded to learn about the information for 100$ or Barter 5. It’s not necessary to know the location of Delgado again if you have learned it from the Boulder early.

However, visiting Brothel and interacting with them will provide you 20-minute buffs. These buffs are mentioned below:

  • Ten of Hearts: Dealer’s Choice (+5% XP bonus)
  • Jack of Hearts: Shuffled (+1 AP and +1 max AP)
  • Queen of Hearts: Bad Beat (+15% evasion)
  • King of Hearts: Royal Flush (+25% hit chance)
  • Ace of Hearts: Ace in the Hole (+25% crit chance)
  • Joker: Kicker (+4 penetration)
Delgado Whereabouts

There you will need to have a conversation with the floor boss Charley Knowes who stands in front of the bar. Once you have information about the Delgado that he is in the back room, there will be two important options whether you will attack or make a deal.

Machine Shop

Once you reach the machine Shop, defeat the goons, and collect the loots, enter the door and have a conversation with Mactavish. After deciding whether to arrest, let him flee, or kill him, go back to the nightclub, and have a conversation with Faran Brygo.

Faran Brygo Choices For Approach

You can now either negotiate with him and tell Daisy it was all a misunderstanding or arrest or threaten him. Choosing to negotiate with him will upset Marshall Lupinski which will trigger a battle against Marshalls. This will cost you your reputation.

Using the code which was obtained from Benjie Braddock who was having trouble in Brothel. You can hack the computer which can be used as leverage against Faran Brygo. He will surrender and let you arrest him.

Triggering the battle might be too hasty but the decision is yours. You can lower his HP to a certain point which will allow him to surrender or kill him. Once all the commotion is over you can save Inspector Delgado

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