Wasteland 3- All Creepy Dolls Location Guide And Their Effects

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, there are discoverable locations throughout the world map that can be explored in order to find loots and archives. The Creepy Doll is one of the unique artifacts which can be found in order to gain their bonus effects. They are scattered around each corner of the world, therefore this guide might help you locate them and collect in order to use their bonus effects.

All Creepy Dolls Location Guide And Their Effects In Wasteland 3

The surefire way to collect all the Creepy Dolls will be to explore all the map, however it will take you ages to accomplish that. Therefore, there is a perk Explorer’s Instinct which is more powerful and a cheat like-ability that reveals every part of the map. You can either rush it to acquire this perk or follow the locations as mentioned below:

  • Angry Aaron: Located at Godfisher Farms (Increases 5% Crit Resistance).
  • Cruel Cory: Located at Denver Ruins (Increases 5% dmg vs Animals).
  • Electric Emmett: Located at Machine Commune (Increases 5% Energy dmg).
  • Ferocious Francesca: Located at Little Hell (Increases 5% Melee dmg).
  • Fuckin Fred: Located at Old Survivalist Bunker (Increases 5% dmg vs Humans).
  • Hearty Henry: Located at Aspen (Increases 10% Healing Bonus).
  • Hyper Heather: Located at Yuma County Speedway (Increases 5% Initiative).
  • Keen Karen: Located at Garden Of The Gods before reaching the 3 Wolves (Increases 1 Perception).
  • Lethal Lance: Located at Monster Army Bunker (Increases 1 Penetration).
  • Maneater Maury: Located at Bizarre Exterior (Increases 15 CON).
  • Nervous Nancy: Located at the Department of Energy (Increases +0.5s Detection Time).
  • Purist Patty: Located at Abandoned Oil Well (Increases 5% dmg vs Mutants).
  • Quick Quaid: Located at Knox Bison Ranch (Increases 5% Sneak dmg).
  • Radical Rachel: Located at Rangers HQ (Increases 5% Explosive dmg).
  • Zen Zoey: Located at Snowed Inn Resort (Increases 2% Hit Chance).

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