Drake Hollow How To Get To The Lighthouse & Invite Friends For Co-op

Drake Hollow

Drake Hollow is a survival multiplayer adventure game developed by The Molasses Flood currently available only on Xbox One. The game will release on steam but the date is currently not known to us. In this game, you are teleported through a portal to anathor world called Hollow.

You need to work your way with drakes and build up their power and save the hollow. Once you are in the hollow find your way to the to shrine with a crystal in the middle and activate it. This will be your camp which you need to upgrade by collecting different kinds of resources.

Drake Hollow How To Get To The Lighthouse

After completing the small basic quests of collecting resources and building necessary items. You will be given a task by the crow to investigate the top of the lighthouse.

Before you get the quest to visit the lighthouse, you need to build a  Simple Curio Workshop and craft the Aether Ward. To craft Aether Ward, you will require Glowstone shard and shoelace.

You can’t go directly inside the polluted water in this game or will take self-damage and die. The only way to cross the water is by using the Aether Ward. Aether Ward is used to repelling the water from you and help you in crossing the water bodies easily.

You need to equip the Aether Ward and press and hold the RB button of your control to activate it. Each Aether Ward will give you 16 secs of repelling power to cross the river. So cross the water body quickly and follow the map to reach the lighthouse easily.

Once you reach the top of the lighthouse, it will give you a 360-degree view of the whole area and you will find hibernating drakes whom you have to rescue. If you open up your map, you will see the yellow circle marker on the map. That’s where the drake will be and where you need to go.

Note: You can invite your friends in Xbox for coop once from the Menu once you have completed the tutorial and reach till the Lighthouse. Once you have reached the lighthouse, it will ask you to defeat the raid on your camp. Once you have defeated the enemies, press the start button and save the game. After saving you will get an option to connect multiplayer.

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