Wasteland 3- Morningstar Choice Result And Fishlips In Union Station

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, the distress call from the Morningstar will lead you to the Union Station. Certain choices may lead to an unexpected turn of events. The gang lead by Fishlips will be encountered early on whom you can recruit later on. Reaching Morningstar is not problematic but loading the previous save the file in Union Station might seem one. In this guide, we have revealed all the results from the choices that we have to pick.

Morningstar Choice Result And Fishlips In Union Station At Wasteland 3

Once you interact with the Morningstar who is an AI conscience of Presidential Limo. There are multiple choices in order to access the engine but the most important decision you will need to make is whether to fix him or destroy the engine as told. These two choices have a different story route if you want to destroy the engine as mentioned by Morningstar, then the AI conscious can be installed in the Kodiak as an upgrade. It will increase your vehicle AP by 2.

The other choice where you intend to fix is suicidal. Morningstar has already warned you before that he is beyond repair, the self destruct due to his defensive maneuver will kill them all and destroy the Great Communicator. If you focus on fixing Morningstar till the end, an explosion will engulf a huge radius triggering an Ending.

Fishlips Recruitment

After upgrading your Kodiak, you can attack Fishlips and his gang in order to defeat them. Focus your attack on Fishlips and as his HP will deplete to the minimum, he will surrender and can be recruited as a companion. You can inform him about Doctor Denver who was plotting against Fishlips.

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