Spiritfarer Upgrade Ship To Break Rock Barrier, Get Fire Glow & Ectoplasm

SpiritfarerSpiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. In this game, there are two barriers that you need to break by upgrading your ship. Ice barrier and Rock barrier. In this post, I will show you how to upgrade your ship to break the rock barrier and collect all the resources required to upgrade it.

Spiritfarer How To Upgrade Ship Rock Barrier

To upgrade your ship to break the rock barrier, you need first visit Albert Shipyard. The resources you will need to upgrade are Aluminium Ingot, Marble, Fireglow, and Spirit Flower. Make sure you have completed other spirit’s requests to get 2 spirit flowers. I had completed the requests for Alice and Summer to send them to the Everdoor and get 2 flowers.

Spiritfarer How To Get Fire Glow?

To get fire glow, you first need to make sure Gustav is on your boat. To make Gustav one your crew on the ship you need to complete a request from him. Check out HERE our previous post on how to get Gustav.

Once Gustav is on your boat, head over to the dark glowing area on the map. If you hover your cursor above them, it will show fireflies and they will give you fireglow seed. Plant these seeds on your field and water them. After sometime pluck them out and you will get two fire glow. You can sing the tune in the field to make these fireglows grow faster.

Spiritfarer How To Get Bottled Ectoplasm?

To get bottled ectoplasm, you need to first find Stanley. Check out HERE on our previous post on how to get Stanley the spirit. Once you get Stanley to keep completing his requests. After that visit Stanley’s room and you will be able to start the event from which you will get bottled ectoplasm.

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