Ary and the secret of seasons hide & seek quest and winter crystal location

ary and the secret of seasons

Ary and the secret of seasons is an action-adventure game developed by eXiin and ported to console by Fishing Cactus. In this game, you will come across many puzzle type quests that you need to complete either by solving the puzzle or finding people. Below you will find the guide to complete one main quest to find winter crystal and one side quest to find your friends.

Ary and the secret of seasons Winter Season Crystal Walkthrough

Yule region is always covered with snow but due to some disruption, the season changed. Only Ary house remains to be covered in snow because of winter crystal.

You need to visit your dad’s basement to find the clue to the crystal. As soon as you receive the quest, head to the basement through the door. Open the door of the storeroom and you will slide down the snow and come across a big gate which you can’t open. Just to the right side of the gate, there will be a way to the winter season crystal.

After that, you will come across a lever which you need to pull to open up a secret passage. Then you will get the winter crystal and will be able to use it. If you are in keyboard press “4” near the sphere from where you got the crystal and you will find floating ice rocks through which you can climb your way out.

Ary and the secret of seasons Find your friends Guide

This is a side quest given to you by a girl of Yule region named Kerris. She will ask you to find 5 of your friends who are hiding nearby. You can find three of them easily just by locating the nearby white dots on the map. The other 2 friends will be in a better hiding location and below you will find the image to locate them.

4th Friend Location

Just to the right side of the house, you will see a distortion in the space. By using the winter crystal ability at the position, you will create an ice sphere through which you can jump and climb up the house.

After that go to the front side of the house and jump upwards. On top of the house, you will find the 4th friend hiding. Refer to the image below for the exact location.

5th Friend Location

Towards the left side of the house, you will find a flight of stairs and at the bottom of the stairs, you will find three small children sitting and talking. You won’t be able to interact with them. Climb the boxes and go to the top of the balcony to find your last friend. You can check the image above for the exact location.

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