Ary and the secret of seasons Flynn attire location and sneak past guards

ary and the secret of seasons

Ary and the secret of seasons is an action-adventure game developed by eXiin and ported to console by Fishing Cactus. The game is filled with puzzle more than combats with enemies. You will play the main protagonist Ary who will start her journey to look out for his brother and find out about the disruption of seasons.

Ary And The Secret Of Seasons Look The Part Quest Guide

After returning to your home with your brother’s sword, Ary wants to go find out about his whereabouts. She can get help from the guardians but have to visit them to the Dome of seasons.

Although her mom won’t allow it and in this quest, you need to take your brother’s attire, his sword, and get a haircut to sneak out of the house. To find your brother attire, go out of your room just 1 stair down and you will see a lot of pots. There will be a message displayed please don’t break the pots which is a little confusing because you need to break them to go into your brother’s room.

In the room, go near the bed and you will find Flynn attire. Then head back to your room near your dressing table and interact with it to get a haircut. Finally, go downstairs and you will find the sword and the quest Look The Part will be completed.

Ary And The Secret Of Seasons How To Sneak Past Guards

After completing all the side quests in the Yule region, you have to sneak past the guards which might be a little tricky but way to easy. I got caught multiple times before finally trying to go full crouch mode and it worked.

All you needed to do was press the crouch button and walk past the guards and you won’t be noticed. But before that, you need to find the winter crystal from the dad’s basement. To find out how to get the winter crystal you can check out our post HERE which will be updated soon.

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