Wasteland 3- Heads Or Tails Mission Guide And What To Expect?

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, there are multiple choices that you can make in order to gain companions or favors. Similarly, in the Heads Or Tails which is a Secondary Mission, you will need to make a choice whether to go to the Hoon Homestead or the Arapaho Caravan? Both of them are unique and different quests. The enemies you might encounter in these two separate choices will be different which will affect as you abandon one side to help others. This guide explains what will happen and you are missing if you choose the one, at least now you will be able to make a firm decision after knowing the rewards and consequences.

Heads Or Tails Mission Guide And What To Expect In Wasteland 3

Hoon Homestead

Choosing Hoon Homestead and moving to the location will let you encounter Dorsey’s. After a clean fight, you can loot the bodies in search of potential rewards for your vehicle. After rescuing and talking to Hoon’s family, you will get a Skill book for Automatic Weapons as an Infantry man’s Bible with a lot of ammunition. One of the old Hoon’s Prize Rifle can be obtained but it will trigger a fight against them which will be your loss when Lucia Wesson and Marshal Kwon will die.

The weapon is quite low on stats and high penalty in Crit Chance. For all the collectors this might be an opportunity but due to -35% Crit Chance, we all know that it will be kept as a junk. However, after completing the mission there would be news broadcasted from Radio about the Arapaho Caravan. The Mutants ambushed and attacked the Arapaho Caravan, stole the Power Armor, and declared that they will return to the Colorado Springs to attack. You can still give them a visit to collect a Skill Book for explosives and other loots.

Arapaho Caravan

Choosing Arapaho Caravan will let you fight against powerful Mutants who are in the middle of the ambush. After defeating the Mutants you can scout the area in search of loots. If you have a character who has a Lockpicking Skill at least of Level 5, you can enter the building to collect a Skill book for explosives. After completing another side quest of finding her friends and healing them both from injury, the Marshals will be awarded Power Suits in Colorado Springs.

Giving priority to the Arapaho Caravan will let Dorsey’s bully and eliminate Hoon’s family. However, you can still collect the Skill Book for AR from looting the body. Though you will not be able to loot AR from the mantle and the Bunker. So, for more loot, and experience we prefer to save Hoon’s family first. For more guides on Wasteland 3, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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    • Angelz

      Thanks for mentioning Grim, we don’t get Power Armor rather Marshalls gain the use of it. Choosing whatever mission will let you have both the Skill books eventually once you visit each location.

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