Wasteland 3- Del Hackett Choice In The Ranger HQ Or Base

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, you encounter a group of refugees as soon as you reach the HQ. You will encounter Del Hackett who boldly explains all the situations revolving around the refugees. The choices made by you will either let them stay or kick them out from the shelter, though Marshall Kwon is skeptical and doesn’t want them to stay as they may be hard to keep them in line. Well, the choice is yours to make but as we all have struggled with what to choose, this guide reveals what will happen when you choose either of the choices.

Del Hackett Choices In The Ranger HQ Or Base In Wasteland 3

Del Hackett explains their condition and after having a conversation with Marshall and Del to and fro. There would be two choices to make, whether to let them stay in the military base or kick them out. Making your first choice i.e. “All right- you can stay.” will award you with +5 WASTELAND REFUGEES REPUTATION. Marshall might warn you that whether it is your call but it won’t make the Volunteers happy. However, there has been no trouble until now.

The second choice i.e. “Sorry, but you have to leave.” will deduct your 5 points from WASTELAND REFUGEES REPUTATION. This will let the refugees and Del Hackett move out from the shelter, though they state that they will not impose any threat or be a trouble for your squad.

The choices may be harsh but letting them stay will be the optimal choice because you can get secondary missions and get rewards. Instead of clearing out your HQ, it would be better to help those who are in need. For more guides on Wasteland 3, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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