Wasteland 3- All Synth Location And Choices Required For Wolfe’s Hunt

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, there are Secondary Missions and Wolfe’s Hunt is one of them which requires you to find a Synth in Colorado Springs. Though the information is less and to know about its location we all need to explore the whole of Colorado Springs and finally found them blending in with the environment. In this guide, we have mentioned the Synth location and the choices you will need to make. Therefore you can completely proceed all the way down to the end of this post to know everything about the mission and where your choices will lead you and Arizona.

All Synth Location And Choices Required For Wolfe’s Hunt Mission In Wasteland 3

After collecting the Secondary mission from Gary “Nacl” Wolfe, you will need to go to Colorado Spring in search of Synth as per the clue. They are smart enough to blend in such an environment which raises the question of where they might be? The answer is simple, they are hidden in the Colorado Heritage Museum. Once you get inside the Museum, you will need to interact with the Animatronics where the “Welcome” sign is lit up in red.

There are only two main choices that will affect the mission even after a long conversation, either you let them live or kill them. Make sure to increase the Level of Nerdy Stuff to 4 at least in order to have a conversation with Animatronics. Choosing to let them live and sneak out from the area, will end your mission instantly whereas Wolfe will leave the base too. They might be introduced to us again if we proceed through missions but we will not know for now.

However, if you choose to kill Synth, then the hunt for Synth will carry on. Sometimes the character cannot interact with Synth, you can attack them and initiate a battle to eliminate them from the lands of Colorado. After defeating the first Synth and delivering the head the mission will be completed, though Wolfe will update three more locations of Synth.

“One look real close to Denver”

On the way to Denver Airport, you will find a room full of cyborg machine. You can talk and eliminate them to strike out this part of the mission.

“A little further out from Denver”

After a radio message about Martians invading the mine, you can proceed to the Tellurium Mine where a Synth named Earl can be found. Eliminate him to collect your bounty in order to strike this part of the mission.

“There’s one in the Aspen area that keeps flickering”

Finally, you will need a radiation upgrade on your vehicle in order to reach the Department Of Energy Site near Aspen. Clear the area and once you reach the final room, the Synth would be leading the robots against us. Defeat everyone in order to collect the head of the final Synth and complete the mission.

These are all the Synth which we need if you proceed on killing October-11 and asking Wolfe to provide more locations of Synth. If you help October-11, he might provide assistance in the future but there is still no glimpse of Synth’s backing off after the save. For more guides on Wasteland 3, click the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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