Spiritfarer Kalkstein Island question mark secrets & hidden location guide


Spiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. While you keep progressing in the game, you will come across an island called Kalkstein mines. While traveling on the boat you can hover the cursor through the different islands on the map and check the resources you can find.

If you haven’t discovered a resource or secret of that island it will show as a question mark. In Kalkstein, you will at least find 5-6 question marks that you need to find through fake walls. Below you will find the location of all the secret passage you will find in the mines.

Spiritfarer Kalkstein Hidden Question Mark

If you have upgraded your boat to break the ice barrier, you will come across an island called Kalkstein. To visit the Kalkstein mines, you need to have at least 3 abilities which are double jump, glide, and zipline.

You must already have two abilities but to get the zipline ability, you need to visit an Island called Nordweiler (X= -3, Y= 185). You will need two Obol to activate the shrine and get the zipline ability.

Once you get the ability, go back to the Kalkstein island and talk with the spirit. After that, you will be able to enter the mines and collect the resources which are Marble and Coal. But still, if you look at the map, you will see around 5 question marks on the island.

These 5 question marks are the hidden rare chest that you need to find inside the mines. You can get a lot of resources from these mines such as crops, maple syrup, and gems.

Spiritfarer Hidden Secret Location

Below you will find the image of the location of these rare chests. We are able to collect 4 out of 5 chests and found all 5 out of 5 chests and couldn’t reach the last one. So if this post helps you collect all the chest, do share in the comment below to help others.

Note: Finding these hidden chests is not that difficult. All you need to do is to look for the cables that have been extended from the lanterns and go into the walls. Below you will find in all the images that the wire of the lantern going inside the wall. By using the trick, you can find out the fake walls inside which you will find these secret chests.

1st Chest Location


As soon as you enter through the door and keep sliding down, make sure to glide your way down and notice the wire go inside the fake wall.

2nd Chest Location

After collecting the 1st chest, reach the bottom of the mine and keep going left and you will find the 2nd chest.

3rd Chest Location

While going upwards ziplining through the wire, you will notice the lantern wire go inside the fake wall as shown in the image above.

4th Chest Location

This is the final zip line that you take to reach the door through which came. While ziplining through the wire midway, jump upwards and glide inside the wall as shown in the image above.

5th Chest Location

You will come across this place before taking the final zipline to reach the door, the last chest is located inside the fake wall through which the wire is going, but we are unable to reach it.

We have tried double jump with gliding but still was unsuccessful, if you are able to reach to this last treasure, do share with us in the comment below 🙂

Note: Check out the comment below to find how to reach the final chest.

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4 Replies to “Spiritfarer Kalkstein Island question mark secrets & hidden location guide”

    • Kakra

      The mine is not that big, first, you need to slide down, then using the rope keep going to the right side. Use glide to go up using the air, then go top using the ladders. Keep going left and you will find a slope. Go down that slope and you will reach the entrance of the mines again. If you want we can make a quick walkthrough video of entering and exiting the mines.

  1. Biscuit

    The 5th is actually past where your last picture leads, there’s a slope and a zip line to the left, you’ll notice some power wires above the final zip line leading into the wall, the chest is there in a hidden wall to the left, you have to build momentum and jump from the final zip line to where the poelwer comes from the wall. I believe the chest holds 4-5 diamonds. Good luck!

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