Spiritfarer How, Where To Get Aluminum, Zinc, Marble, & Pulsar Ignot


Spiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. There are lots of resources you will find while playing the game. Some of the important resources you will require during the mid-late game are Aluminum, Zinc Ore, and Pulsar Ingot. Below you find the location of all the island where you will find these resources.

Spiritfarer Aluminum

The resources mentioned in the title will only be required once you have upgraded your boat to break the ice barrier. After breaking the barrier, keep completing the Summer spirit quest until you reach a point where he will ask you to visit the Aluminum Dragon.

The other way you could get Aluminum in this game is by visiting the crates which are floating in the sea past the ice barrier. If you are lucky enough, you will get 1-2 Aluminum. Take it back to Olga the turtle and plant the rock on his back to get more Aluminum.

Spiritfarer Zinc Ore

Zinc Ore can be only be found after you upgrade your ship to break the rock barrier. The few islands where you can farm Zinc Ore are Southpoint Docks (X= 157, Y= 22), Hidden Thicket (X= -42, Y= -91), Flotsam Shores (X= 109, Y= -107). Zinc Ore is used in making Zinc Ingot from the foundry.

Spiritfarer Marble

Marble can found in Kalkstein Mines which also has a lot of rare chests that you need to find out through the fake walls. Check out our previous post HERE on where to find these hidden chests.

Spiritfarer Pulsar Ingot

You can get Pulsar Ore only after meeting with the spirit Bruce & Mickey. Once they are on your boat, you will be able to play their mini-game, just like other spirits green jelly or nebula threads.

Take these Pulsar Ores to the foundry and use them with coal to produce Pulsar Ingot. Pulsar Ingot is used to make buildings like Windmill, Crusher, Smithy, and much more.

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