Spiritfarer how to use windmill, chicken coop, household glue & obol guide


Spiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. There are different resources in this game from which you can craft or get new resources. But to get those new resources, you need to complete a mini-game such as for loom building you need to stop the sewing kit at the correct time.

In this post, I will tell you about how to use a windmill to grind grain into flours, how to build a chicken coop, and get chicken. Where to get Household Glue? A brief guide on Obol.

Spiritfarer How To Use Windmill

The windmill is one of the buildings in the boat that you can construct by using Oak Plank, Marble, and Aluminum Ingot. This building is used to grind grains into flours.

Once you have constructed this building, go to the middle level of the building, and select the item you need to grind. Flours are used to make different food recipes. Check out the link to our previous post that includes all food recipes.

After selecting the item that you want to grind, go to the top floor of the windmill, and interact with the middle pillar. There you will have the option to adjust the level of the windmill and you need to make sure that the small wheel on the right side is spinning to grind the grains.

Spiritfarer Chicken Coop & Chicken Guide

A chicken coop is also one of the buildings that you can construct on your boat by using Ash Plank, Wool Fabric, and Copper Ingot. In the chicken coop, you will be able to store 6 chicken who will give you eggs when you feed them. There will be a slot outside the coop to store grains for the chickens.

Fried chicken can be used to increase the mood of a spirit and help you in completing Atul Quest. To make fried chicken you need chicken and fat. To get fat you need to crush the sunflower seeds in the crusher. To get chicken on your ship, you need to visit Oxbury (X= 233, Y= 18) and buy eggs from Racoon inc. Get eggs and put them in the chicken coop.

Spiritfarer Where To Get Household Glue

To get household glue, you need some old shoes. Take these old shoes to the foundry and instead of ores, but the shoe and use the coal for heat. After heating the shoe for quite sometimes, you will get the Household glue as the byproduct. You need to use the same trick as you were using previously for getting Ingots from the foundry.

Spiritfarer Obol Guide

Obol is the currency in-game given to you by the spirits that abroad your boat. You will find these releasable spirits on different parts of the map. Make them a part of your crew member to receive Obol from them which will be used in activating the shrines.

Activating the shrines will unlock special abilities for your character. There is a total of 6-7 special abilities that you can unlock in this game by visiting the shrine and offering Obol. It cost 2 Obol to activate each shrine. Check out HERE to know the location of all shrines.

Note: Not all the spirits will give you Obol as soon as they board your ship, you need to complete a few requests of their to get Obol from them.

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