Wasteland 3- Major Tomcat Recruiting Trick As An Animal Companion

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, Rangers can appreciate any help fighting in the post-apocalyptic world against the rebellious factions, cults, or gangs. They may be in the form of human or an animal. Major Tomcat is an animal companion that can dish out pretty massive damage at the beginning, so it is no brainer that you want Major in your squad. Though few of us have not picked Animal Whisperer and are stuck to make the most important decision, so there is another way to befriend your very first animal companion Major Tomcat which can be learned by completing this guide.

Major Tomcat Recruiting Trick As An Animal Companion For Wasteland 3

When you encounter Major Tomcat first, there is an option which indicates that you will require Animal Whisperer 1 to let Major jump on you and leave the tree. If you have no skill invested in Animal Whisperer then the option will not be visible. However, if you have rescued the NPC before and got the cigarettes, it can be offered to Major Tomcat by waving in order to befriend and add as your precious companion.

It’s simple but all the skills and quirks are as important as any because as you will advance through the stages, more heavily armored and enemies will block your path. To defeat them all and plunder all the loots, your squad needs to be balanced and excel at different skills. It will be recommended and wise to save a few of your skill points unless you think it is not worth keeping it or feel that it can be earned later in the way.

Major Tomcat is pretty strong at the beginning as low-level enemies can be scratched and decimated easily making your run very easy. Though when the levels get tough it is recommended to leave the cat somewhere in the safe location as it will not be of much use or can be killed in action. The best location to drop Major Tomcat would be in Rangers HQ as you can easily access and visit the Major. For more guides on Wasteland 3 click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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