Wasteland 3- How To Revive And Heal Your Companions

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, during character customization, we have seen that there is a medic skill which pretty much sums it up that it is an essential ability. In order to sail clearly, a healer is required in your squad otherwise it will become one of the challenging games where you can’t take much damage or you are out. However, there are various ways in which you can heal and revive your squadmates or your friends at a party. This guide covers up all the way to healing in combat to reviving your downed squadmates.

How To Revive And Heal Your Companions In Wasteland 3


The easiest and cheapest way to receive treatment would be from the Doctor’s. After completing the mission Full House, the Doctor will be recruited in the Ranger’s HQ from whom you can receive treatment without any fees. There are few Doctor scattered around the maps who will also provide you treatment and heal your injuries, pretty much do everything that your Doctor does in Ranger’s HQ but the difference would be that they will charge you fees.

The very next method to heal your squad would be to equip an item in the Quickslots from your Inventory. You can use it on yourself or if you have Medic packs and Healing Darts which can successfully heal others. The most important thing to lookout will be the status of your squad. If your character has a bleeding effect make sure to use Suture Kit, Medical Kit, or else they will keep on bleeding until the effect is gone.

The final method is Self Heal out of combat. You can use Medic Pack and Suture Kit who has at least 1 point invested in Healing skill i.e. First Aid. Med Hypos and Snacks can be used by anyone even if they don’t have the skills. So, open the Inventory and select the character that needs medical attention. Select the medical kit you need to use and “Use on Self”.


It is one of the most important mechanics in the game, whenever any of your squadmates are heavily damaged and their health depletes to 0, the counter will start. At this moment it will be crucial as they are not dead but on last breath. You will need to interact with them which will consume AP in order to bring them back to life. Their health might not be replenished completely but make sure they have perfect assistance and a healer next to it.

After they are revived, they will suffer from the effects which can be cured or cleansed by using Suture Kit or Medic Packs. However, doctors are pretty handy when it comes to heal and remove negative effects. It is recommended to remove these negative effects as soon as possible. For more guides on Wasteland 3, click the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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