Tell Me Why- All Collectibles Or Artifacts Location For Chapter 1

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why is a narrative game about the twins Alyson and Tyler who are reunited and unravel the past childhood memories with their supernatural bond. All the sections and levels reveal and shape up the characters as they keep on digging deep in their past and so are the collectibles. In Chapter 1, there would be in a total of 5 Collectibles that can be collected and the progress can be checked in Pause Menu. This guide contains all the collectibles location and if you are missing one or a whole bunch, then you will know where to find.

All Collectibles Location For Chapter 1 In Tell Me Why

Collectible 1: The Crafty Goblins

Tell Me Why

The first collectible can be found in the beginning as soon as Alyson’s part is over when she found her key. While controlling Tyler, look on his table or desk under the table lamp as shown in the image above.

Young Alyson: “The Crafty Goblins are two cunning little thieves who live under the Princess’s house. They are always getting into mischief, but they have good hearts.”

Collectible 2: The Mad Hunter

Tell Me Why

Once you reach the cabin after a ride on a ferry, you will need to find the alternate route. Once found, you will need to proceed ahead until you you bump your head in the wooden plank and can hear the voice of Alyson in your head. She will direct you to go left in search of the hatch and instead, go right where you will find the second collectible lying on the ground as shown in the image above in the corner place.

Young Alison: “The Mad Hunter is a cruel and ruthless creature. Once he starts hunting someone, he never stops! He’ll chase his prey to the ends of the Earth if he needs to. No one can escape his Piercing eyes!”

Collectible 3: The Wise Princess

Wise Princess

Once you start searching for Tyler’s personal Diary, enter Mary-Ann’s room through the door to find a collectible on the right side of the bed as shown in the image above.

Young Alyson: “The wise Princess is a runaway from a far-off land. She won’t tell anyone what she’s running from, because just thinking about it makes her cry. She is friends with all the animals of the forest, and has a kind and generous soul.”

Collectible 4: The Pious PelicanPious Pelican

Once you are out in town and enter the store in Rashomon as Alyson, you will need to search and enter the store’s office. Inside the office, search the cupboard to add Pelican as a collectible which lies beside a file as shown in the image above.

Young Alyson: “The Pious Pelican is the Princess’s generous friend. She has a magical beak that is always full of food and never empties.”

Collectible 5: The Ice King

Ice King

Inside the Police Department, go downstairs until you experience and remember the memory of your childhood. There you will notice a kitchen beside an interrogation room and right opposite to it the last room which is opened, the fifth collectible would be right beside the cupboard inside the last room as shown in the image above.

Young Alyson: “The Ice King is the lord of the whole forest. He is so powerful that no one dares to challenge his commands!”

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