Warframe- How To Farm Or Get Scintillant Fast And Guaranteed


Warframe’s expansion Heart of Deimos which has been introduced brings out the whole new season of farming new resources and components. Warframe Xaku’s main blueprint which is awarded after completion of Heart of Deimos quest notably requires Scintillant as a part of its system. For now, as we are eager and relentless to obtain the rare Scintillant, this guide may help you to some extent to farm and get the resource that is required by all the community.

How To Farm And Get Scintillant Fast In Warframe

To farm Scintillant we need to complete the bounty from Mother on Necralisk. Tier 1 bounties awards Scintillant as a rare reward, however, Tier 2 bounties awards Scintillant as a common reward. Though it does not seem like to be the case as even grinding Tier 2 bounties for hours may provide you with a Scintillant or so if you are lucky and patient. Even if the amount required for Xaku is too less, the drop rate makes it even harder to achieve.

While playing T3 Isolation Vaults, players have acquired a Scintillant after lowering the health of Necramech. Once you deplete the Necramech health to the last HP bar, look out for the floating orbs high up, these are your Scintillants that can be obtained after slicing the orbs. It is even affected by the double drop booster as 2 Scintillant can be acquired from a single orb. So, once you fight against these sturdy robots per run, make sure to deplete the health and search for the floating orbs high up for your main reward as shown in the image below.


Initially, the drop rate is quite low which [DE]Rebecca addressed and posted recently that hotfix is incoming as more people are playing Heart of Deimos. It will be experienced by all players as Scintillant will be dropped and obtained often to all. Currently, the T3 Isolation Vaults work clearly which can be practiced to farm such a rare resource even though it depends on RNG or even defeating the Necramech at the end of Isolation Vault. It is also a very efficient way to collect Damaged Necramech parts in order to build one.

The alternate way is to complete the Bounties on Deimos though it is rare and RNG might not favor us much but these are the three ways i.e. finding the floating orb doing Isolation Vault, Defeating Necramech, and completing 1st Bounties. For more guides on Warframe, click the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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