Spiritfarer All Abilities, Shrine Location & How To Get Silica Powder

SpiritfarerSpiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. There are various abilities that can be used by the main character Stella which you need to unlock by visiting different parts of the map and activating the shrine. Below you will find the list of all the abilities, location of all the shrines, and how to make silica powder.

Spiritfarer All Abilities & Shrine Location

To unlock abilities in this game you need to visit a shrine and pay tribute in the form of Obol. To get Obol in this game, you need to interact with spirits on different parts of the map and make your crew members. Complete their request and send them through the Everdoor to the afterlife to get a resource that will help in progressing the game.

Double Jump

This is the first ability you will get in the game which can’t be missed. The shrine will be located in Humminberg Island (X= 42, Y= 136)


This is the second ability which will help you reach higher places if there is any wind around you. Keep holding the jump button in the air to use the glide ability. The shrine to unlock this ability is located in Furogawa Island where you will find the spirit, Gustav.


You will unlock this ability once your ship has been upgraded to break the ice barrier. To unlock this ability you need to visit the shrine located in Nordweiler (X= -3, Y= 185) which will also be a request from Alice. There you need to activate the shrine using 2 Obol to get this ability and you can traverse through the ziplines.


This ability will allow Stella to jump higher on bouncy surfaces. The shrine to unlock this ability is located in Oxbury Island (X= 233, Y= 18).


The shrine to unlock this ability is a little difficult to locate as it won’t show you on the map. The shrine is located on the top of Greymist Peaks Island (X= 216, Y= 96). Go to the top left peak of the Island using your glide double jump and bounce the ability to reach the shrine and unlock the dash ability.

Use Everlight

To unlock this ability you need to find a hidden shrine. You can’t miss this shrine as it a part of the main quest. Still, the location for the hidden shrine is (X = -185, Y = -111).

Everlight Booster For Fishing And Mining

The final shrine to unlock the last ability is located on the Lost Shrine (X= 220, Y= 167). This ability will boost your mining and fishing skills and your Everlight tool won’t break easily.

Spiritfarer Silica Powder

Silica Powder in this game can be obtained by crushing the Quartz. Quartz is a common resource which you will get a lot at the starting of the game but to crush this resource, you need to have crusher building. To build a crusher in the boat, you need to have Pulsar Ingot, Ash Plank, and Zinc Ingot.

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