Total War Troy- Gods Bonuses And Divine Will Guide In Detail

Total War Troy

In Total War Troy, Gods, and Goddesses plays a vital role in the production, construction, traveling, battlefield, and all the features that are present. Without God’s and Goddess’s blessing or favor, the economy, and the military power will suffer big time loss. God’s and Goddess’s are worshipped and prayed for prosperity to provide super buffs in certain fields which we will explain to you in this guide.

Gods Bonuses And Divine Will Guide In Detail For Total War Troy

Once you start the campaign, hover around all the options and once you come across Divine Will or gain Favour from the God’s and Goddess’s in Total War Troy, make sure that you focus on Economical Growth rather than Battle favors. These God’s and Goddess’s provide bonuses on 2 major categories-Economy and Battle. The Gods which provide Economical bonuses are HERA, POSEIDON, and APHRODITE whereas for battle bonuses are ZEUS, ARES, APOLLO, and ATHENA are worshipped. All bonuses are provided below:

Total War Troy


Immediate Effect

  • +2 to siege holdout time(minimum 1 turn)
  • +7% attrition casualties suffered by enemy armies in your territory


Military Service: Respected (50)

  • +20% to missile damage of slingers
  • 7% to recruitment cost of all army units in provinces with 50% own influence.

Flourishing Homeland: Celebrated (300)

  • -1 to construction time of all main buildings
  • -10% to wood construction costs
  • +50 to growth in provinces with 50% own influence.

Divine Protection: Worshipped (600)

  • +10% to casualty replenishment rate of all armies.
  • Unlocks recruitment of Corybantes
  • +20% to the morale of all units in their own territory.


Immediate Effect

  • +5 to deal evaluation for all diplomatic agreements except barters


Might Of The Thunderbolt: Respected (50)

  • +20% to melee attack of club units
  • +15% to missile damage of javelin units

Father Of Heroes: Celebrated (300)

  • +50% to recruitment cost of Heroes and agents
  • Grants Messenger of Thunder trait to all newly-recruited agents
  • Grants “Descendent of Zeus” trait to all newly recruited Heroes

Regal Presence: Worshipped (600)

  • Unlocks recruitment of Minotaur
  • +1 to happiness per defensive or military alliance, up to 5
  • +1 to influence per defensive or military alliance, up to 10


Immediate Effect

  • -5% to morale of all enemy units


Eager To Fight: Respected (50)

  • +1% to local recruitment capacity
  • +20% to morale of sword and axe units

Delight For Violence: Celebrated (300)

  • +20% to income from raiding, looting and sacking
  • +1 to happiness per war, up to 5
  • +20% to melee attack of sword and axe units

Panic And Terror: Worshipped (600)

  • +10 to charge of all units
  • All heroes frighten enemy units in battle
  • Unlocks recruitment of Spartoi


Immediate Effect

  • +5% to success chance of all agents action
  • +20% to campaign map line of sights around temple of Apollo


Piety: Respected (50)

  • +3 to recruit rank of priestesses
  • -20% to construction cost of all temples

Lord Of The Silver Bow: Celebrated (300)

  • +20% to range of archer units
  • +15% reload skill of missile units

The Light Of Phoebus: Worshipped (600)

  • -20% to action cost for all agents
  • Enables recruitment of a seer
  • +25% to administration efficiency for royal decrees


Immediate Effect

  • +1 to recruit rank of all units


Protector Of Cities: Respected (50)

  • +20% to morale of spear units
  • 20% to fatigue in battle for all units while defending

Mentor Of Heroes: Celebrated (300)

  • +20% to melee attack of spear units
  • +4 to recruit rank of Heroes
  • +20% to melee defence of shielded units

Gorgoneion: Worshipped (600)

  • Enables recruitment of a gorgon
  • All Heroes are unbreakable in battle
  • +10 to morale of all units in Hero’s aura


Immediate Effect

  • Immune to deep-seas attrition


Call Of The Sea: Respected (50)

  • +15% to campaign movement range at sea
  • -2 to enemy siege holdout time (minimum 1 turn)

The Riches Of The Sea: Celebrated (300)

  • +40% to treasures looted after battle
  • +100 food per turn for each owned coastal region

Blood Of Poseidon: Worshipped (600)

  • Enables the recruitment of Cyclops
  • 20% fatigue in battle for mythic, mounted and chariot units
  • +30% to morale for mythic, mounted and chariot units


Immediate Effect

  • +20 to growth
  • +2 to happiness


Love Of All people: Respected (50)

  • +10 to diplomatic relations with all factions
  • +200% to all effects of Organise Games commandment

Golden Apple: Celebrated (300)

  • +30 to growth
  • +1 to happiness per non-aggression pact, up to 5
  • +10% to battle captives taken

Invisible Guardian: Worshipped (600)

  • Enables recruitment of a satyr
  • +25% to damage resistance for Heroes
  • 30% to success chance of enemy agent actions

Which God’s Favor To Focus On?

As soon as you start the campaign, it is efficient to focus on and Hecatomb God’s who bless us an increase in Economies such as APHRODITE and HERA. The increase in Growth, Happiness, and Food after reaching the Celebrated Cult level will bless you with prosperous cities. Make sure to capture new cities and build a temple of different Gods. POSEIDON might be very strong when you own coastal regions, and the map involves more coastal regions than any.

The optimum blessing of Gods in early to mid-game would be 2 Economical buffs and 1 Battle buffs according to your troop advancement and strategy. God’s favor along with maximized buildings and Royal Decree skill tree will flourish your kingdom with maximum foods and resources. Lack of a few resources can be traded successfully for either missing resources or military strength.

However, choosing APHRODITE at the beginning comes with an advantage. You will be able to recruit Priestess after reaching Cult Level 2 or Celebrated. The priestess has an action known as Ritual Of Exaltation which can be used to gain favor from God’s when she has been assigned to the city that contains temple. However, to overcome the cooldown of the skill, you can acquire more or specifically 3 Priestess and cycle it through a turn. Remember Immediate Effects can be experienced when you pray to the respective gods.

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