Spiritfarer how to get nebula fibre, thread & fabric, Alice Sheep Location


Spiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. In this post, you will find out how to collect the Nebula Fibre from the Pillbugs and how to complete Alice request for Sheep and house to make her join your crew.

Spiritfarer Nebula Pillbugs

To gather or collect Nebula Fibre, you need to visit the Nebula Pillbugs once you have a certain spirit called Alice on your boat. You can find this spirit in Mount Toroyama and need to complete two quests of and after that she will join your crew. Nebula pillbugs can be found on near the co-ordinates (X= -130, Y= 40).

Once she is on board in your ship, go to the Nebula Pillbugs and Alice will ask you to play a mini-game. This mini-game will provide you Nebula Fibre which can be turned into Nebula threads in the loom. And the Nebula threads can be turned into Nebula Fabric similar way from the loom.

Note: If Alice is not a part of your crew member then the mini-game won’t start once you reach the Pillbugs and you won’t get any Nebula Fibre

Spiritfarer Alice Request For Sheep

There are two requests you need to complete for Alice before she will join your crew. First, visit the Mount Toroyama island and help her catch the first sheep by feeding it.

After that, she will ask you to find a mate for the sheep. In this request, you need to feed anathor sheep and bring it with you to Alice. You can find the sheep in different Islands such as in Hummingberg with the upstairs guys and also in Gurenu fields.

You need to visit one of these places, feed the sheep and it will follow you till your boat. Then take the sheep to Mount Toroyama and again feed the sheep to follow you till Alice. After that talk to Alice and build her a house on your boat and she will join your crew.

There will be other sheep on different islands that you can bring it on your boat and farm wools out of them. The locations of these sheep are:

  • Gurenu Fields (X= -65, Y= 55)
  • Nordweiler (X= -3, Y= 185)
  • Mount Toroyama (X= -99, Y= 34)
  • Sandwich Walk (X= 141, Y= -54)

Note: One of the more Alice requests will be to get a fabric or blanket. All you need to do to complete this request is to get the wool from the sheep on your ship. Go to the loom and make a wool fabric from the wools and then interact with Alice. Give the wool fabric to alice by selecting the box option after interacting with her and the request will be complete.

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