Spiritfarer – Fakinhage Request & Where To Get Ash Log/ Plank


Spiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. During your journey, you need to fulfill a lot of requests from the spirits that are on your boat. After completing all of their requests, they will be ready to leave for the Everdoor.

One such request will be from the spirit Stanley who will request for Fakinhage, below you will find how to complete that request and where to find Ash Log/ Plank.

Spiritfarer Fakinhage

While embarking on the journey you will find a spirit called Stanley who will request you to get some Fakinhage. In the beginning, we couldn’t understand what he meant but later go to know you just have to give him a simple white egg. Stanley will drop some hints if you talk to him after getting the request. He calls the eggs Fakinehage and learned the word from his mother because of her accent who use to cook omelets for breakfast.

You can collect these eggs from the chicken coop, but to build a chicken coop you need to have Ash Plank, Wool Fabric & Copper Ingot. The hardest resource to collect is the Ash Plank which can only be gathered once you unlock the rock breaker upgrade from Albert Shipyard. To unlock chicken coop blueprint, you need to upgrade your blueprint table to level Expert level.

Spiritfarer Ash Log/ Plank

Once you upgrade your ship to break the rocks, you need to go past the rock barrier and you will find a lot of islands with Ash Trees. The few islands where you can get the Ash trees are Sunspring Square (X= 151, Y= -109) and Ambertown park (X= 216, Y -72).

Make sure you have to rock barrier upgrade else you won’t be able to find Ash logs. The Ash logs can be used in the Sawmill to get the Ash Planks. The Ash Wood can be difficult to work within the Sawmill to get the Planks.

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