Spiritfarer All Spirit Likes, Dislikes, Food Guide & All Foods Recipe


Spiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. Each spirit in this game has different personality likes, dislikes, and tastes in food. Good food increases their mood greatly and so make sure to check out their mood occasionally by interacting with them.

Below is the list of all the food recipes available in Spiritfarer and each spirit’s favorite food and how to make them.

Spiritfarer Spirit Favourite Food

Favorite food helps in increasing the mood meter of these spirits greatly. You can also give them hugs occasionally to increase their mood. If their mood is really good different spirits will help you in different activities around the ship such as  Summer will play music to the plants and Alice will cook the food for you and takes out burnt food.


Favorite Food – Black Coffee (Coffee Beans)

Likes – Comfort Food, Fine dining food

Dislikes – Anything with shellfish, Fruit


Favorite Food – Pork Chops (Pork)

Likes – Everything

Dislikes – Nothing


Favorite Food – Grain Salad (Grain And Veggie Or Mushroom)

Likes – Salads, Dessert

Dislikes – Non-vegan food


Favorite Food – Noodle Soup (Rice Flour)

Likes – Plain Food, Soups

Dislikes – Sugary Food, Fine Dining Food


Favorite Food – Veggie-pot pie (Flour + Veggie)

Likes – Old-Fashioned Food, Dessert

Dislikes – Acquired Taste, Stimulants, Exotic


Favorite Food – French Fries (Potato And Fat)

Likes – Breakfast, Dessert

Dislikes – Veggies, Stimulants, Fruit


Favorite Food – Beef Fondue (Beef And Fat)

Likes – Fine Dining Food, Stimulants

Dislikes – Anything with eggs, Carbs


Favorite Food – Surstromming (Herring)

Likes – Acquired Taste, Exotic food

Dislikes – Anything fried, Sugary food

Bruce & Mickey

Favorite Food – Garlic Bread (Wheat Flour And Garlic)

Likes – Pub food

Dislikes – One ingredient food, Allergic to crustacean


Favorite Food – Tomato Pizza (Wheat Flour And Tomato)

Likes – Comfort food, Old-fashioned food

Dislikes – Lactose intolerant, Fruit


Favorite Food – Green Salad (Leaf Veggie And Fat)

Likes – Plain food, Healthy food

Dislikes – Fine-dining food, Meat, Fried food


Favorite Food – Laksa (Fireglow And Rice Flour)

Likes – Exotic, Old Fashioned

Dislikes – Acquired Taste, Stimulants


Favorite Food – Chilaquiles (Fireglow And Corn Flour)

Likes – Meat, Fried food

Dislikes – Healthy food


Favorite Food – Grain Salad (Grain and Mushroom/ Veggie)

Likes – Salads, Dessert

Dislikes – Non-vegan food

Spiritfarer All Food Recipes

To cook two different types of food you need to upgrade your kitchen from the blueprint table. You will only get the improved blueprint, once Atul asks you to upgrade the kitchen

  • Grilled Fish- Fish/Cephalopod
  • Steamed Shellfish- Shellfish
  • Popcorn- Corn
  • Poached Fruit- Fruit
  • Paella- Shellfish & Grain
  • Lobster Germinal- Lobster
  • Heat Treated Crab- Snow Crab
  • Grilled Veggie- Savoury Or Root Veggie
  • Plain Rice- Rice
  • Shellfish Stew- Shellfish And Veggie Or Mushroom
  • Grain Salad- Grain And Veggie Or Mushroom
  • Southern Boil- Crustacean And Grain
  • Bread- Wheat Or Corn Flour
  • Noodle Soup- Rice Flour
  • Fish Curry- Fish And Grain
  • Clam Cake- Clam And Flour
  • Black Coffee- Coffee Beans
  • Apple Pie- Apple And Flour
  • Bisque- Crustacean And Veggie Or Mushroom
  • Grilled Mushrooms- Mushroom
  • Bouillabaisse- Fish And Veggie Or Mushroom
  • Berry Pie- Flour And Berry
  • Pear Tartlet- Pear And Flour
  • Fisherman’s Pie- Seafood And Flour
  • Cherry Pie- Cherry And Flour
  • Peach Cobbler- Peach And Flour
  • Lobster Roll- Lobster And Flour
  • Crab Cake- Snow Crab And Flour
  • Shrimp Tempura- Shrimp And Flour
  • Grilled Chicken- Chicken
  • Veggie-pot pie- Flour And Veggie/Mushroom
  • Calamari Rings- Squid And Flour
  • Tuna Tataki- Tuna And Savoury Veggie
  • Hot Milk- Dairy
  • Mushroom Salad- Mushroom And Veggie
  • Mock Gruel- Sawdust And Dairy
  • Clam Chowder- Clam Or Hard-Shell Clam And Dairy
  • Shrimp Cocktail- Shrimp
  • Fried Surf- Shellfish And Fat
  • Squid Skewer- Squid
  • Grilled Octopus- Octopus
  • Muesli- Berry And Yoghurt
  • Cereal Bowl- Grain And Dairy
  • Rice Pudding- Rice And Dairy
  • Eggs Sunny Side Up- Egg
  • Maple Salmon- King Or Sockeye Or Blue Salmon And Maple Syrup
  • Fruit Candy- Fruit And Sweetener
  • Corn Bread- Corn Flour And Fat
  • Fish Sticks- Fish And Fat
  • Vegetable Stir Fry- Fat And Veggie/Mushroom
  • Green Salad- Leaf Veggie And Fat
  • Fried Rice- Rice And Fat
  • Latte- Coffee Beans And Dairy
  • Egg Salad- Egg And Veggie/Mushroom
  • Sweet Coffee- Coffee Beans And Sweetener
  • Pork Chops- Pork
  • Casserole- Grain And Meat
  • Corn Dog- Corn Flour And Pork
  • Fried Crawfish- Crustacean And Fat
  • French Fries- Potato And Fat
  • Focaccia- Flour And Fat
  • Cake- Flour And Sweetener
  • Meat Stew- Meat And Veggie/Mushroom
  • Pancakes- Egg And Flour
  • Surf and Turf- Crustacean And Beef
  • Fried Mushrooms- Mushroom And Fat
  • Fried Chicken- Chicken And Fat
  • Cup of Tea- Tea
  • Meat Pie- Meat And Flour
  • Crepes- Wheat Flour And Milk or Cream
  • Wonton Soup- Rice Flour And Meat
  • Sweet Yoghurt- Yoghurt And Sweetener
  • Omelette- Cheese And Egg
  • Candy- Sweetener
  • Scrambled Eggs- Egg And Dairy
  • Crème Brulee- Egg And Sweetener
  • Frittata- Egg And Fat
  • Tomato Pizza- Wheat Flour And Tomato
  • Schnitzel- Fat And Pork
  • Cheese Fondue- Cheese
  • Bacon and Eggs- Egg And Pork
  • English Tea- Tea And Dairy
  • Cheese Sticks- Cheese And Flour
  • Sweet Tea- Tea And Sweetener
  • Grilled Steak- Beef
  • Garlic Bread- Wheat Flour And Garlic
  • Toffee- Dairy And Sweetener
  • Sauerkraut Meal- Sauerkraut And Pork
  • Beef Fondue- Beef And Fat
  • Onion Rings- Onion And Flour
  • Homemade Paper- Sawdust And Household Glue
  • Questionable Meal- Lettuce
  • Coal- Wood Or Sawdust
  • Laska- Fireglow And Rice Flour
  • Aloo Gobi- Fireglow And Potato
  • Chai Latte- Fireglow And Milk
  • Chilaquiles- Fireglow And Corn Flour
  • Dakgangjeong- Fireglow And Chicken

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