Total War Troy- Battle Mechanics, Controls And Flanking Detailed Guide

Total War Troy

In Total War Troy, one of the main features is to indulge in the battle against enemy Faction’s Hero and challenge them till Hades takes away their soul. However, during the battle, there are many tactics and movements possible which we are gonna explain in this guide. The shortcut keys which are essential and easy to use before or during battle will play an important role to strategize.

Battle Mechanics, Shortcut Key Controls And Flank Detailed Guide For Total War Troy

After initiating a battle, there would be a window opened showing your troops and enemy troops along with the recruitments assigned. Though the first three options where Attack, Auto-resolve, and Retreat will be available.

The Attack is where manually your troops can be controlled on the battlefield and engage them in battle. It is mostly preferred and used as the outcome of the battle is dependent on your choices and approach. After initiating the battle the commands that can be used in battle are mentioned under Shortcut Keys and Battle Mechanics.

Auto-Resolve is an option where automatically the stats would be shown after calculation and resolve according to the prediction. It is a choice that allows you to skip the battle, though the casualties may be higher than attacking manually.

A Retreat is an option where you size the enemies and their troops and fall back tactically when it is not in your favor. Though, if you are attacked during retreat then the battle would be inevitable in Total War Troy.

Shortcut Keys And Battle Mechanics

Shortcut and Important Keys that can be used in the battlefield.

  • W- move the screen forward.
  • A- move the screen left.
  • S- move the screen back.
  • D- move the screen right.
  • Middle-Mouse button- rotate the screen.
  • Q- rotate the screen left.
  • E- rotate the screen right.
  • Shift+W/A/S/D- increases the movement of the screen.
  • Tab- Tactical map view.
  • Space- Toggle Overlay.
  • I- Toggle statistics of units.
  • G- Create groups.
  • Ctrl+G- Toggle lock and unlock groups.
Weather Conditions

There are only 3 types of weather conditions that can be experienced when you are an attacker that provide advantages and disadvantages to your troops according to your plan.

  • Dry- No adverse effects.
  • Foggy- Decreases the vision of both enemy and friendly troops. Easy to flank and mask troop’s presence.
  • Rainy- Increases fatigue.

On the map, you might notice that each of the areas contains uphill, forest, shrubs, etc. which are distinguished by colors. Colors and advantages are mentioned below:

  • Green- Forest (mostly troops can remain hidden until they are in range or enemies vision) blocks percent of incoming missile damage.
  • Yellow- Tall Grass (light troops can hide efficiently when they are stationary)
  • Red Box- The box indicates where enemy troops can position.
  • Yellow Box- The box indicates where friendly troops can be positioned.

Battle Mechanics

When deploying your unit, it is in the best interest to stack up your unit or assign them in hotkeys. For example- the Frontline troops can be assigned in a hotkey and light troops in other in order to order them to move easily without clicking on their icon each time. To assign hotkeys, you will need to click the desired unit and press G.

You can drag the icon in the hotkey group to assign them individually or drag your mouse on the screen to select multiple troops and hit G. Once you have assigned them into groups, it makes control easy and flawless.

Disrupt charge from enemy troops as they might increase more casualties, check charge bonuses on troops statistics. Before starting the battle it is recommended to read all the stats and plan according to their strength. Flank damage is high which penetrates armor as well as decreases enemy morale, so your ranged troops are much more lethal if the enemies are caught showing their back.

Use Shift+Right click in order to assign a few tasks beforehand. The orders will be completed sequentially which is efficient to plan moves. Make sure to engage enemy troops in battle and tactical retreat for a few spaces to create opening and flank. This trick will make your battle much easier and flawless, much left is how you strategize and minimize the damage. For more guides on Total War Troy, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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