Spiritfarer – How To Get/ Collect Spirit Flower & Upgrade Ship Ice Breaker

SpiritfarerSpiritfarer is an indie adventure game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. In this game, you take up the role of Charon a ferryman who transports the soul through the River Styx. While transporting the spirits, you will learn a great deal about their past life and help them in completing their request.

There are various resources you need to gather that will help you in upgrading your ship and to help you build houses on your ship. One of the main resources you need to collect in the game is the “Spirit Flower” that will help you in upgrading the ship so that you can break the ice and carry on your journey.

In this post of Spiritfarer, I will tell you how to get the Spirit Flower and upgrade your ship to progress in the game.

Spiritfarer Spirit Flower

The only way to get spirit flower in this game is by completing all the requests of the spirit that you have to ferry on your ship. After completing all of their requests, they will be ready to cross the river and return to the underworld through the Everdoor.

Once they leave your ship through the Everdoor, return to their room on your ship and you will find the Spirit Flower. You can check the requests of the spirits by pressing the TAB button on the keyboard.

Spiritfarer How To Upgrade Ice Breaker

To upgrade your ship to break the ice, you need to visit Albert Shipyard. The most important resource you need to make this upgrade is the Spirit Flower.

Once you have all the resources visit the shipyard and upgrade your ship. Then you will be easily able to break the ice and visit the islands that are blocked by it.

Iron can be found on Hoseki Quarry (X= -137, Y= 28).

To find Oak Plank check out our previous post HERE.

To get linen fabric, plant linen plants, reap them, and use them in the loom.

For Spirit flower check our previous post HERE.

How To Upgrade/ Decorate Gwen House Fully

The first spirit to leave your ship will be Gwen and you need to help her complete all the requests. Out of which one of the requests will be to decorate the Gwen house fully.

To decorate the house, you need to visit the blueprint and go to the improve option and then select the Gwen house. There you will find 3 furniture that you can install in the house. These furniture will require certain resources which are not hard to get.


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