Total War Troy- Siege And Battle Guides To Conquer And Defend City

Total War Troy

In Total War Troy, apart from the production of resources and devotion to the Gods, every hero has its troops ready to siege and conquer cities or settlements. These siege options are available when you invade enemy territories and challenge the cities. In this guide, we have explained how to get over the city walls and door to capture the points.

Siege And Battle Guides To Conquer City For Total War Troy


Sieges have two modes, one either you being an Attacker and other being a Defender. While attacking, there will be an option where you can assign Battering Ram for the siege. It is a most powerful troop which can take down the Gate in a matter of time but instead you can also let your Hero attack to minimize the damage sustained and successfully break down the gate. If your Hero is an Archer, press “F” to change into Melee mode and attack the gate.

After breaking down the gate, the troops defending from behind the wall may charge on your hero which can be kited and destroyed by Range archers positioned outside of Fort Towers range. Remember that if you are going out for siege, bring enough troops which can attack from both ends creating a diversion and slaughter. Hit and Run tactic is a must to take out enemy troops and lower their strength and numbers gradually.

Capture the point or slay, make sure to end the siege under time and plan to minimize your troop’s loss. Most importantly, place your archers on the wall through the ladder in order to take out the ground enemies from afar and wide angles penetrating their shield defense from side or back. Marching straight and climbing onto the wall with all your troop is a suicide that might lower your chances of conquering the city.


During siege from enemy troops, your Hero and troops which are assigned for each city can be controlled and planned in order to defend and fall against enemy Factions. Defenders have an advantage where they can position their archers and slingers on the back and take out enemy troops from high ground or narrow place depending on the map.

Make sure not to charge out from your city as your troops might be vulnerable from flanks and hidden troops of the enemy. When your troops are in attack and the chances of losing might be high, position your troops in the corner to expose frontline enemies and take them out from your frontline and backline without much exposure.

AI focuses on capturing the point, so make sure to defeat the troops and battle on one end as fast to provide backup on the other side. For more guides on Total War Troy, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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