Spiritfarer – How To Get Linen Fabric & Oak Plank Walkthrough

SpiritfarerSpiritfarer is an adventure indie game developed by Thunder Lotus Games. The game shows us an afterlife adventure of the spirits that get ferried by the main protagonist Stella and her cat who takes the role of Spiritfarer.

In Greek Mythology it’s been said that once a person dies the soul has to cross the River Styx and pay the ferryman Charon a fee in order to do so. The game portrays a similar story where you will replace the ferryman Charon and help lost souls to cross the river in exchange for a token called Obol.

There are lots of spirits to meet and resources to collect to upgrade your boat and buildings. Few such resources are Oak Plank and Linen Fabric which you will be required to upgrade the buildings in the boats.

Spiritfarer Oak Plank

To get planks in this game, you need to first build a Sawmill. Once you build a Sawmill Atul will show you how to make plank out of the logs that you chop from the trees. Maple log is the most common type of wood you will find in the game.

To get Oak log you need to visit an island called Gurenu Fields (X= -65, Y= 55). Go to that field and you will Oak trees, chop them down to get Oak logs. Use these logs in Sawmill to get Oak Planks which will help you in building houses for your crew members.

At the farthest left side of these fields, you will find a spirit but will be unable to reach at the beginning of the game. I guess we need to unlock the gliding feature to reach the spirit.

Linen Fabric

Linen Fabric will be required when Atul the frog will ask you to upgrade your kitchen. To upgrade your kitchen to level 2, you need to visit your blueprint table and select the improve option.

After that, you will find a star on the screen, navigate that to the building you want to improve, and press the interact button.

Linen Fabric can only be obtained by upgrading your loom to level 2. To upgrade your loom to level 2, you need to get a quest from Gwen to visit her hometown in Villa Maggiore (X= -58, Y= 118). After reaching there you will get a key from Gwen to unlock the door.

Inside the manor, you need to find your way to the top balcony where you will find a music box and loom level 2 blueprint. The way to the top of the balcony starts by taking the ladder located to the farthest right side of the house.

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