Total War Troy- Royal Decrees And Diplomacy Basic Guide And Tips

Total War Troy

In Total War Troy, Royal Decrees is an essential and most important feature presented for all the players. Each of them is a skill tree that can be assigned and learned for a turn. Though as your Faction is advancing through in resources and growth, the opposing Factions also keep on evolving. Either one may lose balance when they will not be able to afford resources. As till now we all know that resources are the king of this game, even troops need resources for recruitment and upkeep. In this guide, we have explained all the details that might be needed for Royal Decrees and handling Diplomatic relations.

Royal Decrees And Diplomacy Basic Guide For Total War Troy

Royal Decrees

Starting off, you will find there are 5 different skill trees. These 5 Skills in Royal Decrees represent 5 of your resources. Food, Wood, Stone, Bronze, and Gold all Depending on your production and future planning. To break it down in a simpler way, we have mentioned all their bonuses regarding each Royal Decree skill.

  • Royal Bronze: Focuses on Bronze production. Strengthens Medium Infantry and Agents.
  • Royal Granaries: Focuses on Food production and Growth. Strengthens Light Infantry.
  • Royal Stone: Focuses on Stone production. Strengthens influence, god’s favor, and happiness.
  • Royal Timber: Focuses on Wood production. Strengthens Range Troops or Infantry.
  • Treasure Hall: Focuses on Gold production. Strengthens heavy infantry.

Once you click on Diplomacy, a new page will open where it will show all the known Factions. There are two options either to Negotiate and Quick Deal. There are relationship status mentioned against each Faction which can be referred to and strike a deal.

Use the Quick Deal option in order to check how likely are other Factions want to negotiate and make a respective pact. The negative numbers seem too likely the number they want to make a pact. While accessing the demands, a Single barter can be made to exchange resources for some kind of military support and so on depending on your offers and demands. You can even Demand Tributes from your Vassals though your relationship will deteriorate (Agamemnon).

Make sure you are negotiating deals after turns or whenever you are short on resources. While trading resources, the friendly faction from whom you are trading will show resources in respective colors.

  • Green- These resources are more favored by the factions and they are most likely eager to make a deal.
  • Grey- These resources are neutrally favored by the factions.
  • Red- These resources are least favored the factions as they are rich. Negotiating a deal by which they provide these red resources are mostly favored by them and they easily negotiate a deal.

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