Total War Troy- Recruitment And Hero Stance Guide

Total War Troy

In Total War Troy, the battle is an essence to spread your legends and let them cower in fear when you march into enemy territory during the siege. Though the casualties are experienced on both sides, troops and all hero can regen their HP and recruit troops to your army. In this guide, we have explained in detail about the recruitment of troops and about the advantages of Hero Stances.

Recruitment And Hero Stance Guide For Total War Troy

You can recruit troops of your unique faction and the infantry that has been unlocked by constructing higher level buildings. After a battle, your faction troops will heal themselves when they are either in their own territory or in an Encamp Stance on enemy territory. You will be able to recruit troops in your own territory.

Total War Troy

As shown in the image above, the left bottom screen where the portrait of your Hero is shown, click on the option shown to use different Stances according to your need.

  • Stance March- Increases the marching range but depletes Stamina and loses the battle initiation.
  • Stance Ambush- Conceal your army but disable your movement. Enemies passing through are flanked and start the battle surrounding them.
  • Stance Raiding- Raid province and gain more wealth. Decreases Happiness and Growth in the raided province but dramatically decrease the diplomacy.
  • Stance Encamp- Defensive stance which allows you to replenish your troop’s health and increase morale in foreign territories. Though during Encamp Stance, your movement will be disabled.

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