Total War Troy- Building And Structure Basic Guide And Tips

Total War Troy

In Total War Troy, everything is not about brawn although legends have their own way to choose their destiny but god may favor who invests cautiously and productively. Building and Structures play an important rule in the settlement for upkeeping and producing enough resources as well as outgrow other Factions. In this guide, we have explained everything you might need to know about buildings and structures in your settlement.

Building And Structure Basic Guide And Tips For Total War Troy

Building Management

As you start your campaign, one thing that might have caught your eye would be the main screen and your own settlement. Once you click on any of your Faction owning settlement or cities, you will see an overview box for the building will open under your command as shown in the image below:

Total War Troy

Referring to the image, the 1st eight structure that can be built under PTELEON is 8 which would be your main base or settlement. The second and third settlement space would be the secondary cities where resource production is assigned.

Building Browser

You can select Building Browser in the bottom third icon shown as “Hammer”. This feature is one of the most important functions which allow us to plan and construct a building that favors your economy, growth, or military strength depending on your choices. However, you must notice that each Hero has its own unique special factions as well as a set of buildings that can be constructed in each Primary and Secondary settlement.

Recruit Hero And Agents

In this section, you can recruit multiple Hero and respected troops under your command. Special troops are only assigned to your Legendary Hero. Agents recruitment contains multiple powerful and special Spies, Priestess, Envoy, and Epic Agent all that contain special commands and features.

Mostly it is recommended to focus on building up resources and use trading to import and export materials. Though Province Details which would be present on the bottom left of the screen can be used to check your Growth, Happiness, and when the Rebel would start. Population Surplus shows how many levels your building can be constructed. For example- 0 Population Surplus according to the image shows that you are only allowed to build buildings that require 0 Level and so it goes. For more guides on Total War Troy, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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