Total War Troy- Hero Tips And Beginners Game Guide

Total War Troy

In Total War Troy, where divine blessings and cruel strategic planning play an important role in your heroes and troops. The economical growth of your civilization and defending your base from seizing by proper countermeasures will be experienced. Each Hero and Agent will be introduced and they share benefits and effects according to their legends and deeds. If you are new and starting the game then this guide presents you the most essential and important tips that need to be practiced.

Hero And Beginners Game Guide For Total War Troy

As you enter and choose any hero, you will notice that each of them has a different playstyle. Though you will not spend all your time and turn on the battlefield. You will need to understand and learn the basics of the campaign map and diplomacy if you want to advance further in the hardest difficulty.

Maintain High Resources And Growth

The very first rule of any strategy game is to maximize your resource output. The resources might not seem to be urgent but it will be consumed later, so a steady income of resources is mandatory. There would be multiple buildings that you can craft and among them, avoid few resources building that gives a negative growth effect.

Population Surplus point in the Province Detail bar will show you how long it will take to level up the building. Focus on increasing your main city level in order to gain more buildings and buff. Apart from battle, strategic growth is necessary and make sure to use Royal Decree when it is on cooldown.


You can start farming Stone and Bronze in the early stage as these two are slow in production and the amount obtained in seige/raid is not sufficient. Even the scarcity of gold will be felt which can be resolved by having a friendly trade connection.

Economic resources shown below the different traders allow us to plan the trade. For example- Trader has a high amount of stone but less amount of Food which can be traded as almost equivalent value and maintain positive offers. It is a quick way to replenish the resources for immediate action.

Agents And Priestess

Agents such as Spy, Priestess, and others are a force to reckon with in Total War Troy. It is a strategic game that relies on stats and morale boost. Spies’ abilities to infiltrate and disruption to enemy troops can low down the morale which will make them route and easily run away from the battlefield.

The priestess is blessed with gods, so they can invoke and pray for God’s favor during battle or voyage. They can even debuff or strike wraith of God on Foreign Settlement to lose morales.


All troops are positioned according to their advantages on the battlefield. The best possible way you can deal damage to enemy troops is by flanking. Although you can counter enemy flanks by making your troop execute the defense where they face enemies and make a circle, so inner troops stay alive and take place of the fallen soldiers.

In dire situations, you can kite and make enemy hero or troop chase your friendly troop and let them attack from range and high vantage points. Rest, all your answers lie on your battlefield and wit. The way you execute and ambush may either eliminate enemies instantly or be sabotaged.


As you can see the game is solely focused on high morale and flanks. High morale boost to fight against any diverse situation and better flanks means high damage. Though in Campaign mode, each hero has different playstyle and bonuses based on faction and legends. You cannot mimic the Achilles strats while playing Paris and others.


For detailed information about the Structure and Buildings in Total War Troy, click on the link mentioned below. Keep patience, we will update all hero playstyle in a brief. Work in progress!

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