The Henry Stickmin Collection- Fullscreen Mode Enabling Trick

The Henry Stickmin Collection

In The Henry Stickmin Collection, the game does not support fullscreen mode even if you try to tinker and change the settings. Though there is a plausible way that will allow you to enjoy the game in Fullscreen Mode but the game will become unstable. It might crash and the application might shut down but still, if you are tired of a borderless window then this guide will let you enjoy the game in Fullscreen Mode.

Fullscreen Mode Enabling Trick For The Henry Stickman Collection

To enable the Fullscreen Mode, you will need to stop the application and left-click on your Steam Library. Navigate and Right-click the game in your Library and select Properties. After the Properties window has been opened, click on BETAS which will be beside LOCAL FILES.

Under BETAS, you will need to click on the drop-down menu where it says “Select the beta you would like to opt into”. Under that select “beta-“. After few downloads and your game now forcibly supports Fullscreen Mode as it was not built for it, hence it might crash. You can undo the settings if the game is not playable or crashes too often. From now on, you will be able to enjoy the madness from achieving all the endings based on your choices made om Henry Stickmin’s life.

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