Grounded- Mint Hammer Or Mallet Crafting Material Location


In Grounded, there are various chunks and materials which can be found by eliminating the insects. However, there is a material or a resource known as Mint Chunk which can be found exclusively in the Yard Map. To collect Mint Chunk and craft Mint Mallet which is probably the best weapon so far. Though the weapon speed might be an issue which is probably compensated by the weapon’s damage and stun. To craft and acquire this heavy weapon at the beginning will make your elimination and survival pretty high. In this guide, we have mentioned all the materials required to craft Mint Hammer and where to find it.

Mint Hammer Or Mallet Crafting Material Location For Grounded

From the Mysterious Machine which serves as a basic landmark from where we can travel and explore unknown territories, you will need to move North and search the Site known as IceCaps Mint Container as shown in the image below. You will need to examine the edges and there would be a panel that will open up after hitting it with your tools.


After opening the panel, it will show that it requires a busting tool to clear all the mint. The busting tool or the Tier 2 hammer i.e. Insect Hammer would be required. To craft Insect Hammer, you will need these following materials:

  • Stinkbug Part x4
  • Berry Leather x4
  • Boiling Gland x1

Insect Hammer which is stronger than Pebblet Hammer can be used in various occasion that makes it an essential tool from a get-go. After crafting Insect Hammer, collect all the Mint Chunks inside the Mint Container. These Mint Chunks are rare as it cannot be found elsewhere, so make sure to store it safely. Now, to craft Mint Mallet, you will need these materials:

  • Mint Chunk x5
  • Spider Silk x9
  • Flower Petal x8

After crafting the Mint Mallet, you will be able to handle Spiders or Insects easily. This weapon is a nightmare for all the bugs and insects. Staggering and kiting all the threats with the appropriate weapons will let you advance further with no to less obstruction. If you are up for more guides on Grounded, click on the following links that have been mentioned in the following description:

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