Grounded- Grub Location For Farming Grub Leathers


In Grounded, you will need an Acorn Shovel to dig out the grubs which linger and travel inside the ground. You might have come across a few of them as they are pretty common around specific areas. They are harmless to say and can be farmed to craft Grub Vest, Grub Grub Goggles, and Grub Leggings collectively we call it as Grub Leathers. However, these Grubs have another medicinal purpose which can be processed to make drinks that restore health. These Grubs are essential and might be used later if stored in bulk. To farm and learn the Grub location, this guide provides it exclusively.

Grub Location For Farming Grub Leathers In Grounded

If you are in search of Grubs, then you must remember specifically that they can be found in the ground moving around. So, the best way to search them would be inside a cave or tunnel. During the farming process of Quartzite, we found almost 5-6 Grubs on its way towards the tunnel and inside the cave.

We have encountered many Grubs but the quantity exceeds in the cave than some random Grub found near a swamp or in wild. Make sure that you have Acorn Shovel, or else you can’t dig it out. During the expedition and materials gathering, keep a Shovel with you as Grubs can be found randomly but when you see a cave, you are in for a treat.

The Smoothie Station can be constructed if you have a specific amount of materials that are mentioned below. The Smoothie Station is used to mix and blend things into a drinkable substance that restores your health and provide effects.

  • Acorn Top x1
  • Sprig x4
  • Grub Goop x5

Grubs are neither serious nor rare species, although it not hurts to farm them to stock them up for making Leathers increase our Stamina. For more informative guides on Grounded, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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