Grounded- Quartzite Location To Farm And Repair Tools


In Grounded, weapons and tools are provided which is pretty essential for surviving and gathering new resources. However, they too get eroded and wear down, though you can repair it with the help of Quartzite which makes it an important material in a get-go. In this guide, we will explain where you can find tons of Quarzite to farm.

Quartzite Location To Farm In Grounded

From the Mysterious Machine, the Quartzite location can be quite near which can be farmed and stored in order to repair the tools. As shown in the image above, the red color marked location is where you will find a cave inside a trench under a dry leaf.


You can advance and start searching the cave with appropriate tools for combat and gathering materials such as Hammer and Shovel. Inside the cave or tunnel will contain blocks of Quartzite which can be broken by the Hammer to collect fragments of Quartzite. The inside of the cave also contains larva and Grub which you can defeat to collect the respective materials.

Quartzite can be found in many places, but locating them near your base is convenient. After extinguishing all the supplies from the cave, you can return back in two days as they will respawn back, so you can restore your supply whenever you are running low. If you are up for more guides on Grounded, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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