Grounded- Ant Egg Location To Find And Fix The Egg Laying Bug


In Grounded, using Analyzer on an Ant Egg is later because first, we need to locate the colony of Ants where they lay eggs. While exploring the land, there are multiple tunnels on the flat surface which will lead you to the nest of Ants. In this guide, we have explained where you can farm Ant Eggs.

Ant Egg Location To Find And Analyze In Grounded

There are different types of ants, one which specializes in combat and defending their turf like Soldier Ant which you must be quite familiar with. The next one is a Worker Ant who lay Eggs which you are looking for to analyze. The image provided below is the location of a tunnel which will lead you to the colony of Ants.


How To Fix The Egg Laying Bug

Worker Ants lay Eggs inside their nest which can be gathered while maneuvering and dodging Soldier Ants. However, sometimes they are bugged in which they don’t lay eggs and that can be solved by killing those Worker Ants and wait for their respawn around 1:30 AM. Sometimes there would be few Worker Ants or none in a colony which means that they are stuck in the Open World. Exploring the open world and killing Worker Ants will make them respawn in the tunnel.

They might be stuck between rocks, boulders, or near the swamp. This might fix the issue as they will respawn back from the tunnel. Now you can farm Ant Eggs and store as many as might be possible to store in your Base for later. For a more informative guide on Grounded, click on the following links that have been the description:

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