Grounded- Berry Leather Location To Farm Fast With Minimal Threat


In Grounded, especially fighting against colonies of bugs and spiders is not the best way to proceed if you are planning on surviving for long. Therefore, after eliminating all the threats, you must sweep clean all the resources in the vicinity whether you need it or not. The same goes for berries as you might need it to analyze it for the recipe and craft Berry Leather later. In this guide, we have mentioned possible sites and locations where you can find Berry Trees.

Berry Leather Location To Farm Fast In Grounded

As you might open your map and navigate through markers, you will need to locate and make your way to the “Mysterious Machine” spot. From there you can see all the landmarks possibly and right now the most important landmark is the big house which you can spot easily.

After spotting the house, you will need to move all the way towards the left side of the house from the Mysterious Machine spot. Now, you will come across the swamp and few spider webs which will indicate that you are on the right track. Finally, the designated location would be the Berry Tree where the threats are lingering around every way. It would be recommended to set your respawn spot nearby whenever you are collecting resources.

After defeating Spiders and bugs, you can either shoot these blueberries with the help of arrows or throw your Pebblets at the berries like an old school. Pebblets are all around the places so no need to store them beforehand. However, while you are up on the tree, it would be recommended to pluck most of the Berries as a single Berry provides at least 3-4 Chunk. So, now you are ready for Berry hunt and craft Berry Leather for whatever purpose you want for. For more informative guides on Grounded, click on the following links that hs been mentioned below the description: