Grounded- Mosquito Hunting Task By Burg. L Can Be Completed?


In Grounded, Mosquitoes are in fire as they are not even appearing out to suck out the blood from our vein which they thrive for. While encountering multiple and various insects, it was quite a shock as BURG. L provided a task to find mosquitoes and eliminate them which was super exciting but that excitement led us to a disappointment as it was nowhere to be found. Though it is not yet assured whether the location to find these annoying mosquitoes is simply bizarre or not available but all the possible locations and rumors surrounding it are mentioned in this guide.

Mosquito Hunting Task By BURG. L Can Be Completed In Grounded?

Sparring against various insects has made us stronger and now simply encountering a new type of insects is challenging and exciting. Even if these insects get better on us luckily, we tiny humans are not the ones to lose. However, mosquitoes are a whole new type of insect that must be good at hiding as we haven’t been fortunate enough to get a glance. Few of the gamers claim that they are found near the swamp area during night time which might have been possible as they might be buzzing around in one of the nastiest places.

Whereas after waiting for several hours and patroling around the swamps, there has been not a single buzzing mosquito found which was a disappointment. Though the quest is included in-game, there might be a future update by the devs Obsidian Entertainment to introduce Mosquitoes and show us there deadly blood-sucking move. It might be safe to try and search during night time at swamp area for mosquitoes as this is the only lead we have by rumors but better to have something than nothing.

We will update this post soon as we find out the true location or the devs provide any new information about it. Till now if you are up for more informative guides on Grounded, click on the link that has been provided below the description: