Destroy All Humans- How To Get Pyrokinesis Achievement Or Trophy

Destroy All Humans

In Destroy All Humans, there is an Achievement or a Trophy called “Pyrokinesis” which can be achieved easily when you first invade the Earth as an evil Alien named Crypto 137. Though, you might have to wait for a little until you have a certain weapon to lit fire and find the perfect spot to unlock the Trophy. In this guide, we have explained all you need to do to complete the Achievement and enjoy troubling Humans and Government.

How To Get Pyrokinesis Achievement Or Trophy For Destroy All Humans

First, you will need the Disintegrator Ray which will let you play with fire and go to Map 1 i.e. “Turnipseed Farm”. On this same map, you will need to find a haystack which is pretty easy as a bunch of them would be distributed around. Now your Disintegrator Ray needs to be used on these haystacks to lit up the fire and start cooking humans.

Once you have started the fire, you will need to use your Psychokinesis to grab one of the peasants and throw them in the burning haystack. Now, as soon as you toss them in the fire, after a few while your dirty evil alien will get your Achievement or the Trophy for “Pyrokinesis”. Now it’s time to head down and destroy humanity which you intend to do in Earth. For more guides on Destroy All Humans, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description: