Destroy All Humans- Do Feed The Sharks Achievement Guide

Destroy All Humans

In Destroy All Humans, terrorizing humans as an evil alien and creating havoc as your high tech weapons and psychic abilities are unstoppable. However, completing tasks and objectives will lead you to unlock a few achievements that follow the storyline whereas few others are unlocked by performing random or specific actions in a certain area. Similarly, “Do Feed The Sharks” is an achievement related to one of the Map where as mentioned, you will need to feed the sharks. In this guide, we have mentioned an easy and quick way to complete the achievement and have fun with your gadgets.

Do Feed The Sharks Achievement Guide For Destroy All Humans

To feed the Sharks, you will need to find a Shark and its food, and luckily on Earth, there is a place where you can find both on 3rd Map “Santa Modesta”. You must remember the Hotel from Pool Party Level and the beach that was relatively close to it beside the road. Instead of real Shark, you will find a notice or a caution sign in the beach area that says “DON’T FEED THE SHARKS”. On the yellow caution board, you will see the shark and its food which is supposed to be humans are portrayed together.

To feed one, you will need to lift any of the lingering or resting humans and throw them into the ocean which is quite easy for an alien-like you. As they have fallen and sink deep down into the water, the notification will pop out that your Achievement or Trophy “Do Feed The Sharks” is completed. For more guides on Destroy All Humans, check on our posts frequently in case you might find new pieces of information.