Grounded- Workbench Crafting Table Placement And Resources


In Grounded, Workbench is an important structure that is required to craft new high-grade materials out of common resources or ingredients. As you keep on advancing, you will require new items in order to survive and prevail which makes the workbench necessary to be crafted near your main camp as quickly as possible. In this guide, we have explained how workbench or crafting table works and requires to build one.

Workbench Crafting Resources Required In Grounded

To craft or build a Workbench, in the beginning, all you need to do is search and collect these 3 important resources as mentioned below the description:

  • Grass Planks x3
  • Sap x2
  • Sprigs x4

These mentioned resources are common and can be easily found in the environment all around. Grass Planks are found in abundance as you chop down a grass stalks to collect at least 4. The sap is relatively difficult to search as compared to the other two resources. To collect Sap, you will need to search for an orange droplet that is present on the bark or on the ground near and on the twigs.

Lastly, Sprigs can be found on the ground scattered all over the areas. After collecting all the required resources to build a workbench, you can click on the Crafting Menu and Workbench to place a design or blueprint wherever you desire. After the blueprint is placed, you will need to place all the resources in order to build one. Equip the resources and place it on the blueprint to complete it.

Hence, your Workbench is prepared and can be used to craft more upgraded tools and equipment which will make your survival easy. For more guides on Grounded, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: