Grounded Axe 2 Recipe And Level Upgrade Walkthrough Or Guide


In Grounded, after crafting your first Pebble Axe which will be an essential tool to let you advance through stages and a mean to survive. You must probably know the importance of Pebble Axe but it can also be upgraded to a higher tier Level 2 Axe known as Insect Axe. In this guide, we have mentioned all the ingredients location and means to find the recipe for it in this guide.

Grounded Axe Level 2 Recipe And Upgrade Walkthrough Or Guide

To upgrade or obtain an Axe of Level 2, you will need a certain recipe which allows crafting possible. Second, the workbench is necessary which will allow you to craft Level 2 Axe. The recipe can be found after you have defeated the Ladybug and collected his head.


To locate Ladybug, you will need to open the Map and in Yard Map which is mentioned in the above image shows the location. In this dark region, the ladybug can be wandering around in the ground. The red shelled ladybug might not seem much strong at an instance but after 2 successive hits, it can send you to respawn.

You can defeat Ladybug by dodging and attacking cautiously. After defeating the Ladybug, you will need to pick up its head and move back to the camp and use Analyzer to analyze the head to obtain the new Insect Axe recipe.

The Insect Axe Recipe contains three ingredients which are mentioned below:

  • Bombardier Part x3
  • Ladybug Head x1
  • Spider Silk x4

The Ladybug Head is obtained but the rest Bombardier Part and Spider Silk can be located near the location where you find the Ladybug. The Bombardier bugs drop its part and cleaning the Spider Web drops Spider Silk. For more guides on Grounded, we will keep updating posts and guides so keep checking our posts frequently. Few are listed below: