Sea Of Thieves- Fort Of The Damned Event Guide

Sea Of Thieves

In Sea Of Thieves, there are few important actions you will need to perform or keep in mind to initiate Fort of the Damned Event. This is quite similar to the Skull Fort or Skeleton Fortress whichever you call but it is much more difficult and much more rewarding. In this guide, we will explain all the things you need to know about the Fort Of The Damned.

Fort Of The Damned Event Basic Guide For Sea Of Thieves

FOTD is an event which is an absolute difficult but high rewarding event as mentioned earlier. To start the event, you will need a crew of more than 2 players as there are multiple reason. One of the reasons is that you will need as much sword to complete the fort but that’s the first task. Once you complete the event, all the players will be notified and they might try to destroy your ship and loot all your treasures and reward which in turn will be best to counter them with 3-4 manship(Brigantines/Galleons).

Speaking of FOTD, you will require 2 main elements to start the event. First, you will require a ritual skull which is quite different than the normal one and all the 6 fate colors of flame in your Lantern. You can notice a black fog on an island Old Boot Fort if there is no update recently. However, once you enter the fog, you will notice that no other ship or players can pinpoint your ship location unless they are close to the same island.

To obtain Ritual Skull which is similar to the normal skull with additional red paint and glow, you will need to open an Ashen Chest or as a reward for destroying Skeleton Ship. It can also be obtained from Duke’s Skull Ritual Quest at the tavern.

How To Start And End The Event

Once you entered the fog and enter the island, you will need to place the Ritual Skull inside the caged Skeleton who has its head missing. There would be 6 Ferryman Statue where the Flames need to be lightened. Once you lighten up all flames, the raid will initiate and the Skull cloud will appear glowing red which indicates to all players that a Raid is in undergo.

You will need to face multiple waves of skeleton army and all of them have a specific color pattern. To deal damage to them, you will need to expose them to each respective color of flame by shining lantern on them. Now they are prone to take damage, complete the waves, and defeat the Skeleton Boss.

After completing the raid, make sure you load all the treasures as fast as you can and load Gunpowder Barrel as well to sell them in order to earn gold. Evade confrontation from any other ships as they might be after your treasures, so it will take time to sell but make a route pre-planned to avoid any conflict. For more guides on Sea Of Thieves, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description: